Lulay gets the start against Argos

Personally, im glad Lulay is starting.
IMO it gives the lions a better chance of beating T.O on Friday. :thup:

Looks like Turkey got his wish. :lol:

argos win again
3-1, who woulda thought?

let the conspiracy theorys begin;

braley wants toronto to win, so told buono not to start casey

They should dub this game "The Braley Bowl".
Lulay Vs Lemon. Reminds me of that women's clothing store "Lulu Lemon". The Argos D is gonna be bringing the HURT. The boys in blue are gonna sack LU!

i agree....lulays worst case scenario has just become a reality..1st CFL start against the league's best defence...ouch.

This is quite likely. Not as much because the Argos have a great D but more because our line will allow them to.

Though, I really hope I'm wrong!

....seems Buck ain't the only one susceptible to the injury bug....Printers on the shelf....Good luck to Lulay...I wonder who has more experience...Jyles or Lulay???????Guess we'll find out this weekend who is the better no 2.... :wink:

So where's the thread for all the "I told you so" and under/over comments about Printer's getting hurt.

I just wonder if Printers injury is worse then what their telling us . Jackson is the back-up and from what I've heard he can hardly throw down field.

Did anyone say Printers wouldn't get injured?

I did, if our O-line was as bad as last year.

It doesn't exist because we're not dicks like some. :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously it's a conspiracy. The league needs the argos to go to 3-1.
Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if some dimwit columnist tried to play that card should Toronto win.

These guys should sponsor the game


No its a David Braley conspiracy! Like all those who quickly put on their tin foil hats when it was announced he was buying the Argos said, he's manipulating the league. HURR HURR HURR DERP

Good for Lulay. I think he is an exceptional talent that just needs playing time. In the past I can remember at least once and I believe it was twice that Lulay came into the game against the Riders and proceeded to tear apart our D resulting in the win. I hope him and Jyles both have good weeks.

Actually, that was Buck Pierce.

I remember Buck and Jurius doing that to us but I also remember Lulay. BC 2nd stringers have had our number for a long

3 reasons why Travis Lulay should do well on Friday:

  1. Versatility. One of only a handful of college QBs to pass for over 10,000 yards and rush for over 1,000 (while at Montana State). Think "Dave Dickenson" in a "Buck Pierce" body.
  2. While he's new, he's not "brand new." Has started in NFLE, played a big chunk of a game last year vs Winnipeg, and the 2nd half this year vs. Saskatchewan.
  3. By all accounts, was our best player at training camp this year. Performed well in preseason games too.

3 reasons why Travis Lulay could struggle on Friday:

  1. Big difference between preseason and regular season defenses. As we saw vs. the Riders, not sure he's used to the speed of the game yet. Will have to release the ball sooner.
  2. Argos will be a big test. One of the best in the league. They disguise a lot of things.
  3. Only as good as the O-line. If they play like they did Week One (Edmonton) and Week Three (Montreal) he should be fine. If they play like they did Week Two (Saskatchewan), they'll be throwing a lot of look out blocks - as in "LOOK OUT!!!....."

what what?!?!?!