Lulay finished?

Travis Lulay has now suffered at least three serious shoulder injuries on his throwing arm requiring surgery, with the first occurring while playing in NFL Europe in 2007, and the last two in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

The latest incident took place last September followed with subsequent surgery two months after and it has now been 8 months since and Travis is still unfit to return after extensive rehab thus resulting in being placed on the 6 game IR this week.

Injuries to his throwing shoulder over the years include a torn labrum, lacerated ligaments and multiple subluxations which may prove difficult for full recovery as Dunigan suggested on the TSN panel last evening.

Is Lulay finished at the age of 30?

sounds as if Lulay may be out for quite some time..

[b]The club (Lions) also announced on Saturday that they've re-worked quarterback Kevin Glenn's deal to give their new starter a raise.[/b]
Hopefully Travis can bounce back from this latest injury and return as good as ever as he is too young a CFL star to be cut in his prime.

in recent memory, too many QB's seem to be on/off the light switch we call the IR and wonder if this is an indication of larger and faster Dline players, dirty hits, QB recklessness or a combination of all three.

What I did not understand last year was why Lulay and the Lions tried to hide a major injury. After he got hurt against the Als, the Lions acted like it was day-to-day. When TSN showed him on camera on the sidelines, Lulay acted like TSN was spying on him or something. Plus to reinforce the notion that the injury was not that serious, the guy played in the playoff game. Why did the Lions play him if he was not ready yet? Isn't the guy's health more important than even a playoff game? It is not as though the Lions were favored to win the Grey Cup last year either.

had the entire league known how serious Lulay's injury was, do you think the Lions would have gotten Glenn for so little?

Was Glenn that great yesterday with 4 interceptions? Okay, it was just one game. What I was saying is that Lulay got injured last September, not a month or 2 ago. Even during the preseason, the Lions made it sound like week-to-week. Now just recently, the word is that Lulay was originally diagnosed to be out 6-8 months or something like that.

I could understand the situation more if Lulay had sustained a different injury other than the one from the Al's game. However, I do not remember that being the case.

There is no way the Lions think he’s finished or they would not have protected him during the expansion draft.

very true HfxTC, although the expansion Draft took place not long after Lulay's surgery whereas the Lions likely anticipated he would be good to go by opening day which is currently not the case.

At this juncture, the Lions must be wondering if Travis will ever be 100% when he does finally return as chronic shoulder and knee injuries are commonly career killers.