Lulay Extends with Leos

Looks like the Leo's have locked him up until the end of 2015. Great news as far as I am concerned!

Very nice, must have been a nice bonus and raise in there for him. Well deserved. :thup:

2 years plus option year $450 000. Glad their finally releasing contract info, their usually hush hush when it comes to big signings, i read that he turned down NFL oppertunities (whatever are left for a 29 year old) so props to him and glad to see him staying in the CFL

Glad they signed him to an extension. :thup: :thup:

I honestly thought he would ride out his contract this year and get a slot in the NFL. Kudos to him for saying been there done that.

Grey Cup we come!

.....or am I getting ahead of myself? :frowning:

haha...lets at least wait until the official start of FA season :slight_smile:

Was thinking the exact same thing. And with the new TV deal kicking in, in a couple of years, he might just cash in again with an even larger contract.

I think pretty much evereyone thought he would be thinking NFL. Especially since his backup was getting an NFL workout. Happy for BC fans, not so much for us stamp fans who have to watch him tear us apart some more.

Great news for BC fans and all CFL fans.


....with the extension, Buono has said today that Reilly will not be re-signed in B.C. and will definitely be very much in the mix come free agency....

Lulay=class act!