Lulay Career Over?

It would appear as though Travis Lulay's career is over. He did bring BC a Grey Cup and made over a million dollars in salary, so don't feel too sorry for him. However it is still tough to see this.

I think so.....

That did not look good and the play seemed innocent enough

Reminds me if when Jesse Lumsden came back only to have his shoulder go in his first game back.
Never saw him again.
I expect the same for Lulay.

Reminds me of when Dickenson came back from a concussion then got a innocent smack to the head and that ended his career

Really too bad for Travis and for us fans. He was one of the more promising young QB's in the league and we have a shortage of them already.

Shortage of young QBs?


Durant has been around for almost a decade.

He's still young.

Maybe HfxTC meant New QBs?
If that's the case, the same list applies, minus Durant.

Didn’t say there wasn’t any. Burris is about ready to hang it up, Ray is around 34, Durant is at least 30. We have nine teams and we can count the up and commers on the finger of one hand…

Crompton in Montreal has looked good as well (too early to tell though)
Nichols in Edmonton
LeFevour in Ham
Drew Tate
Trevor Harris

Young?... He's 32... He is closer to the end the he is to the beginning.. Especially for a Qb who relies on his scrambling ability

Hopefully not. He took a couple of big hits earlier in the game, this last one looked innocent enough.

Lulay's career could be over and Burris has lost a few steps, last nights game looked like a battle over who didn't want to score?

Burris cant throw anymore :oops:

with that big contract, the Ticats did the right thing by getting rid of him :thup:

Ottawa should have kept Glenn and passed on Burris.

Short-term maybe, but Burris did allow them to make some deals to add a veteran centre and a good looking rookie Canadian LB.

I thought Kevin Glenn was opposed to staying in Ottawa.

He was only opposed to it when they brought Burris in.