Lulay beware

Of Chick next week!

I'd hate to see an injury to an up and coming star.


He did look good today though, didn't he?

ran all over my poor Bombers.

Depends on how many non-existant roughing penalities he gets called for.

I think Lulay will watch the game tape and not attempt to get up when he slips and falls :wink:

Too funny... can't hit what you can't catch!

I think the riders should beware!

We’ll see how good he looks when a good D now has a little film on him and a week to gameplan. If he’s kept in the pocket, then he’s just a rookie passer. The Bombers mistake was letting him run all over the field. The kids got some quicks…

The Bombers made the same mistake with Rocky Butler a few years ago :lol: