Lulay! BC now has a QB!

I can not wait till next year! Travis Lulay sure came through BIG TIME. He is an amazing QB. He can run, throw, deke and plays smart. He invovles his whole team. Even the broadcasters say, even though BC lost, they should be happy because they now have an amazing QB. Lets give a hand to Lulay, he sure saved our season. We may have lost, but we gained a head start already on next year with Lulay :slight_smile: Seriously guys, think about it, he was at the roughriders stadium, filled with green! His first time, did you hear how loud that croud was! And he still handles it under pressure and plays an amazing game. He knows when he needs the big plays and gets them.

Lulay is taking us to the grey cup next year at BC place, I promise you he is. I CAN NOT WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR. Lulay, Simon and Arcenaux, my favorite players, you 3 inspire me and I can not wait to see you all next year. Proud to be a Lions fan. GO LIONS GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just remember they were playing against a bizarre Rider defense. Hopefully next year it's much improved and I'm not talking the players. Ritchie Hall would get us back to a dominate D.

So yes they came on once Printers left. GC ahhhh, might be a bit optimistic, but improved, definitely. Thanks for the thrilling WSF, see yawl next year.

yep, very thrilling WSF. One of the best football games ive ever seen. and Lulay is good against all the teams.

Like you have to admit he is coming through to be a really really good QB. Just not against your team, every other team we have played he has proven himself. Casey Printers was a JOKE! And to think I had confidence in him... haha. Can't wait to see Lulay next year!

I agree gs81ea84 great things to look forward to :smiley:

I don’t HAVE to admit anything, but I CHOOSE to acknowledge that Lulay is the real deal. Make DAMN sure that your O-Line protects this guy. The guards should even follow him home and taste his food for him.

With him at the helm, and BC’s receiving corps (as good as any in the league, really), and BC’s defensive secondary, I don’t think there is any way BC sees another 1-7 start next year. Likely not even 1-3.

I honestly see a tight, 4-way battle in the west next year, with only a few points separating first place from the team that crosses over to the east.

I love my Riders, but they, like everyone else, is really going to have to earn it next year.

I think a good comparison is Lulay vs Cleo Lemon in TO. Now, Lulay does have some more time in the CFL, but not as a starter. That aside, if Lemon had shown improving performance through the 2nd half of the season at the rate Lulay has shown it, the Argo's might be interesting to watch beside Boyd and Owens despite sputtering into the 2nd round of the playoffs.

I think this comparison does Lulay a great disservice. Just my opinion, though.

Won't happen. This is BC, we don't like protecting our QBs

Thought I’d return the favor and thank Lion40 for his kind comments in the Rider site. I had fun with the banter too and taken in the spirit intended. Hopefully it’s Riders vs Lions in west final next year. Not sure if the old ticker can take a rematch but what a game. Lulay is a keeper, still need a backup… how about Pierce? :smiley: