Luke Tasker

Potentially he may still be injured. Likely during the legal tampering window he was contacted by some teams.
A lot of teams talked to A lot of guys.
I believe that only Calgary had made a bounding officially signed offer that was handed into the league office for a couple of players.
Everyone else were just in discussions to gage where players and salaries were with them.
It’s the usual secretive CFL way.

I’m gonna guess that Lapo has several more free agent signings he is batting around. Just waiting it out.
I know Desjardins is claiming there is no money in the cap. Also, didn’t he mention it was tied into role type players etc.
There is something fishy going on there.

Tasker is the kind of REC that I can see Lapo targeting.

He wasn’t called a coach, or a player, at that time, although I’m sure he did help the team’s receivers , in a coaching way. This is copied from a media report, mid May '17:

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced that Canadian receiver Andy Fantuz will return to the club this season, but there’s a twist: at least for now, his title will be “coordinator of player development” and he’ll be working in the front office.

I don’t see Tasker back in a tight cat uniform
Too many injuries issues he was a great player in his prime
Time Marches On

If he still wants to play if you’ll probably end up in Toronto
I know that won’t feel right to us
But how often has that moved on the QEW happened to either team

I was thinki my the same thing.
If He is really thinking about a broadcasting career
MLSE two ownership groups offer a lot of possibilities

The thing about a guy like Tasker is that he wants to be here. Or at least we know he did before the current cone of silence descended. Talented guys who bolt at the first opportunity are not especially helpful to the team’s long-term success. And they are not necessarily more talented than Tasker anyway. I thought he played the best football of his career in 2018.

Yes, he’s 29. M.Tucker will soon be 28. D.Posey turns 30 next month. B.Banks is 32 and coming off his second consecutive surgical repair. This is not exactly part of a big youth movement in our receiving corps.


I just don’t get the talk of Tasker being past his prime or injury prone. He’s 29 and up until 2019 he has been consistently healthy and highly productive. Banks is older and has been in and out of the lineup much more than Tasker. I’m not suggesting Banks is a problem, just that Tasker really isn’t either.

The injuries in 2019 were reportedly a broken finger and a nagging hamstring; nothing career threatening. I for one hope he plays another five great years in Hamilton.

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There is something going on, either with Luke or his career options? If he was interested in playing, I’m thinking someone would be interested in signing him. Strange.

A lot of receivers still left unsigned. Walker, Tasker, and Arceneaux. Plus 12 lesser known players
Edwards and Green went to the XFL
Rhymes and Roosevelt just signed. In Roosevelt’s case it was only because of Bray’s drug bust.
It looks like teams don’t want to spend any money on receivers.

Actually, around his age most guys are dead center of their prime.
I agree also in that everyone gets injured. Bobbi don’t see him as injury prone.
The fact that no one has heard a word from him speculation swirls.
He is a young recently Married dude with a 1 or 2 yr old toddler.
He lives in buffalo, plays in Hamilton & college at cornell. A very close colder pocket.
He was injured. Lost a gray cup. I’m which he couldn’t play.
Maybe he is in Florida on the beach with his family. Lol

You right that Banks is older than Tasker. However, you’re mistaken on the second part of that statement. Over the past 6 seasons, Tasker has played 85 games while Banks has played 96.

Also look at the skill set
Banks has not lost its speed Tasker has never had it
Tasler gets open through running good routes

Hamilton may have decided they want guys who are quicker
Posey is know for his speed like Banks.
The Cats have 12 WR Under under contract at this time
I don’t see them signing anymore

That could change during camp via injury and cuts
I just think Tasker is done here.

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Oh ya. He is that sure handed great route runner every team needs. He has a young family they live in Buffalo. He has played his whole career nearby in Hamilton.
He is a proven 1,000 hard rec. If you look at his career he has proven to stay healthy.
We already know his BIO. So he will be is prepared for life after football.
Not saying he done. Rather he is in no hurry to sign anywhere.
I’m just speculating here. But I suspect if not Hamilton than he would prefer Toronto or another team in the east.
Probably willing to play for a solid salary but not holding out for a salary that is going to top the cap.

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Well no news is good news i guess !? No other team calling him

Didn’t we have a similar situation last year with Mike Filer ? He signed later

and had a very good year .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

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Filer re-signed a couple of weeks after Free Agency and was told by the coaching staff to lose some weight and work on his speed, which he admirably accomplished. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have to wonder if The Hamilton media that cover the TiCats have attempted to contact him.
If they where able to contact him. They couldn’t get anything on the record.
I would think the one member of the TiCats media that would know wats going on with Tasker it would be Marshal Fergason

It is odd that no team is looking to sign him.

I think no team has the extra $100-150 grand to spend until some player cuts are made. Plus the Ticats might need to keep $150,000 in their back pocket when/if Lirim Hajrullahu comes back after some NFL workouts. Just a thought. I would love an official update from somewhere.
I still think he will sign with the Cats at some point in the next 3 months.

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For all we know, he is weighing three competing offers and trying to negotiate the best deal for himself.

Or not.

Regardless, Luke is creating quite a buzz on the forum, without needing to sign!