Luke Tasker

I wonder if Luke Tasker will be back in 2020 and beyond. Injuries during recent seasons have reduced playing time, but i would love to see Luke back for another season.

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Me Too!

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I love Tasker as well. But he has life after football careers lined up.
Ivy league grad.
Dabbled in broadcasting before he knew he would be a great CFL player.
And his dad is a big time sports broadcasters

I think I heard that his dad also played for the Bills?? :thinking: :grinning:

Don’t forget the other important point, his Dad was Steve, who played for the Bills.:grinning:

His last injury, if rumour is any guide, was far more severe than team let on. Perhaps the most unreported/underreported story all year.
Who knows but it could have some effect on the current situation.
Ridiculous how theres a vacuum of info on this.
So Hamilton.

Lol. Indeed. So he has a nice network of connections.

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I really hope Luke gets signed by the Ti-Cats as soon as possible. He is too valuable a receiver to go to another team. Luke is definitely a clutch receiver.
On another note I am sick & tired of Rod Black mentioning who Luke’s father is game after game for all these years.

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I know right.
Like forged his own path through. Cornell and into the CFL in Hamilton.

Don’t know where you picked up this rumour, Doc, but it’s the first thing I’ve come across which, if true, would explain the very quiet, all but silent, situation regarding Luc’s free agency.

I for one would love to see him back in Black and Gold. I am curious what’s taking so long though!

A good trivia question might be – Who was the last player/coach in the CFL?
That job combo has crossed my mind, thinking of Tasker’s current situation and I’m thinking here in The Hammer.

That would be great, if the salary management system allowed it. Now that there’s a salary management system for coaching staff, maybe it could work.

Bud Grant coached the Bombers at age 30 . He wasn’t a player coach but he

could have been. He played for the Eagles and the NBA Lakers before

playing in the Peg and coaching Winnipeg and the Vikings . He was a great

athlete as well as a great coach.

Pat Lynch (the dude of many years)

Didnt Andy Fantuz do that in his final year?

maybe Paopao in his last year played in BC

Quite puzzling what is going on with Tasker.

  1. Did the Cats offer him a lowball contract?
  2. Did they offer him a contract at all?
  3. Does he have a serious injury?
  4. Why haven’t other teams shown any interest?

The silence around Tasker up until this point is perplexing. :thinking:

Let’s keep asking the same questions over and over again

Lots of other receivers still unsigned. Green and Edwards went the XFL route, Derel Walker still out there. Tasker’s injury may indeed be more serious than thought at first. Or teams just don’t have a lot of cap room at this point. Still think someone will pick him up but he and a lot of the other big names are likely to get squeezed in salary. Luke is still a great player and solid possession receiver but teams seem to sign the speedy game breaker types first then fill out their corps with crafty vets. I see Ottawa as a possible destination for him, outside of Sinopoli and RJ Harris they don’t have a lot of options there

The point was that from no angle are we getting any tidbits of info on the Tasker situation. Not from the media, the Cats, or even other teams. Nothing.