Luke Tasker

This was just tweeted by Drew Edwards……
Drew Edwards @scratchingpost 2m2 minutes ago
BREAKING: sources tell me the ?#?Ticats? have re-signed WR Luke Tasker. Was team’s leading receiver last season. ?#?CFL?

This is GREAT NEWS!!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Fantastic news!

Great news it was just reported on CH News!

his father played in the NFL doncha know :wink:

Actually, I was quite the fan of Steve.

Thank. The football. Gods.

Excellent news!!!

So glad and relieved to hear Luke Tasker will remain a Tiger Cat!!!

Thank you, Kent. Let’s get the rest of them signed.

Glad to hear it and will be happier when we get the official announcement!

Tasker made am almost immediate impact in 2013 due to his familiarity with the Austin/Condell offense but also showed how quickly he could adapt to the Canadian game. Zach was developing a very good rapport with him on the field last season and from the tweet that I saw is VERY happy with the news. This pair will only continue to get better the longer they play together! :smiley:

He knows how to find openings, has great hands, will take the hit to catch the ball and once he's got it will very very rarely give it up.

Luke? The son of Steve? Great news for sure!! i'm sure Rod will be impressed.

Great signing KA!

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Any announcement or rumour for the length of the contract?

Signing Tasker could likely mean that Ellingson could be a target of Ottawa that may become a reality. 800 yards receiving his 1st CFL season with Burris at QB.

Yay! That is fantastic news!

Good job. Ticats own "Ben Cahoon" :thup:

I agree with your comparison HfxTC -- in the way Luke handles himself, catches almost everything, often sacrificing his body to make those catches, never slowing up before the whistle, finding the openings, coming back to the ball, taking over as our go-to guy, and playing a key role on Special Teams. I believe the comparison will become common talk as Luke's career continues in Hamilton. Of the 15 potential TiCat Free Agents, heading into the new year, my top three hopes for re-signings were Luke, Delvin and Speedy. Losing all three sounded like a possibility last month. Now, maybe still a long shot, but I'm hoping we'll end up with two of the three here.

I don’t think you have to worry about Grigsby. Banks I think he will test free agency. He’s hoping for NFL opportunities and by the time that expires, he might as well check the market.

Good :thup:

Didn't sound like he was too worried about Grigsby.

Yeah miss read. Breaux is gone. Might have to settle for Tisdale.