Luke Tasker still unsigned?

Back then CFL teams didn't get one cent in TV rights money, it was considered free exposure for the league.


I hear the CTV guys back then were envious of those orange CBC sport coats.


LOL. They were beauties , weren't they ? With matching ties to boot no less .

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You gotta admit though that the boys from CTV looked pretty sharp in the booth with those nifty crested jackets for that first half of Grey Cup 1986 .

Pat Marsden in the booth with his colour commentator crew of Leif Petterson and Frank Rigney .

Okay it's trivia time folks . Without looking it up who was Don Wittman's two colour commentators for the second half of the 1986 Grey Cup ?

Here's clue #1...They both played prominent roles in winning the Grey Cup for Hamilton in their careers in the CFL .

Here's clue #2...They played against each other on opposing sides in the Grey Cup .

Here's clue #3...One of them lost two Cups against Hamilton as a player .


I’m going to say Ronnie Lancaster for sure and Chuck Ealey as they other?

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BINGO !!! Give that man a cigar . :grinning:

Ironically Leif Petterson on Marsden's crew also played for us for several years in the late 70's to early 80's. So all in all not bad . The Cats as it turned out were well represented on that day (although the "Little General" wouldn't arrive in town for another 12 years )

I do remember Leif Pettersen well. To confuse things he played alongside Gord Paterson around the same time, back when Canadian receivers were integral in many team’s offences. So we had the Pettersen-Paterson duo, who we scooped from Sask and Winnipeg iirc.


Yup , we had Petterson on one side and Paterson on the other . They were a pretty good duo as I recall . Ironically it wouldn't be the last time though that we had players with similar names playing similar positions . A few years later we would have the dynamic duo of Fields and Shields in our D-Backfield .

Ronnie Lancaster and (I'm ashamed to admit it, since I rewatched the game during the pandemic, but I forgot) Leif Petterson.

Speaking of being "loaded" with quality Canadian receivers, didn't we also have the greatest of them all - Terry Evanshen - at around the same time? I am going to look up all three wiki pages to find out.

Pettersen 78 - 81
Paterson 79 - 81
Evanshen 74 - 77

How did I not know this:

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I remember getting through on one of those call-in shows (possibly CHML) & asking Gord Paterson a question way back when. Of course, all these years later, I can't remember what I asked him, but he & Leif were two of my favourites.

Add to the Pettersen-Patterson duo Rocky DiPietro as well who was rounding into form by ‘81. Three solid Canadian receivers on the field at the same time. Throw in Keith Baker and Steve Stapler as deep threat wide receivers with Clements slinging the ball.

Misty water coloured memories...

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...the way we were.

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Trading away Clements was one of our dumbest moves ever.


But Dieter Brock took them to the 84 Grey Cup

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This is sarcastic right?

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And, he would have taken them, with a 5-10-1 regular season record, to the cup, a year earlier, too, had it not been for a terrible offensive P.I call by, I believe, a Hamilton resident CFL official in the Eastern Final @ Exhibition Stadium.
However, I do understand GiasoneItaliano"s question, above.

Being a Hamilton Tiger-Cat , perhaps he should have gone with Steele . :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

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Three guesses who was quarterbacking the Grey Cup winning Bombers on that day ?

Another three guesses who received the game MVP on that day .

Brock was good when he was here but he wasn't great and he was only here for a year and a half before he left town .


The only good news in that trade was I moved into Tom's apartment at 180 Bold St . 24 th floor . I kept getting his mail for weeks . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (those were the days my friend)

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Did they clean up the bricks and broken glass before you moved in?

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