Luke Tasker still unsigned?

ever been a realtor Hammertown.?

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don't walk down that me.

but I will go there if you want to defend the hard work a realtor puts in vs commissions returned.

no i wont do that but was interested if you ever held that role but you must have in order to be so steadfast in your opinion.

Working in sales for 20+ years, in four completely different industries (one working directly with realtors), The steadfast opinion was built over a lifetime of sales experience.

But that gravy train is coming to and end. Flat fee sales for realtors is the future. They know that, so they are "getting while the getting's good".

The idea of 5% commission on the sale of a residential property vs the work involved is the reason you see all the no commission sales businesses popping up. The true cost of a residential sale works out to 0.06%. 4.4% of the sales commission is pure profit.

That was a sweet deal. But modern technology can take that 0.06% even lower, allowing for flat fees that represent less than 2% of equal commission.

Realtors will go the way of the dodo bird. But it has been likely the sweetest sales gig in the last 20 years...(before that, housing prices were low enough that the % commission was accurate).

Selling a $1M house is not 4x's as hard as selling a $250K house, nor does it generate 4x the expenses of the $250K house. Therefore, keeping the same % of commission for $250K and $1M (or $5M, etc) no longer works.

That is the sole reason the flat fee sales will overtake the % commission.


thanks for your perspective


Which means no team holds his rights, so yes, being listed as a FA is the correct descriptive of his current status. There is no requirement for a FA to submit retirement papers if they have no intent to play again.

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Very true , more likely for FA to sign a one day contract to retire as a Ticat like a few others have , but wouldn't make sense for him to do that yet , if he was / is planning to do that would make sense to do that when borders reopen since then team could honor him at a game like they did when Dyakowski and Fantuz retired

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I could see Tasker make the transition into broadcasting like his old man

They could team him up with Rod Black . :scream:

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How about Lloyd Robertson? He's still alive

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He has already dabbled in broadcasting as far back as 2014 doing sports reporting for a local Buffalo TV station .

more here....

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How is Tasker on play-by-play? Probably more lucrative than a remote reporter.

I think TSN should give Tasker a trial basis. I think he could do a good job, better than Matt Dunigan.

Sadly Pat Marsden has gone to the great broadcast booth in the sky, or, he would have been ideal (rather than Lloyd Robertson).

The late Pat Marsden got his first break working in radio in Blind River, Ontario(my old home town) at CKNR during the Booming lumber era. Way before my time. The radio station doesn't exist there anymore

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Was that town named in the Neil Young song?

Sadly the last game that Marsden ever did play by play in the booth was our 1986 Grey Cup victory over the Eskimos .
Here he is in the booth for that game with another legend who has now sadly passed as well Don Wittman . It should also be noted that in those days the play by play was usually shared and split into two half's . Marsden did the first half of the game and Wittman did the second half . This was due to both CBC and CTV both having television rights for the CFL .


Yep. He was going out with a girl there. His car broke down in Blind River when he left Winnipeg travelling to Toronto.

FYI: The lumber surrounding the Blind River area rebuilt Chicago after the Great Chicago Fire


Mort, the hearse broke down in Blind River.

Long May You Run Mort.


"Keep On Rockin' In The Free World"

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both of those man should be in CFL Hall of Fame