Luke Tasker still unsigned?

Any info on Luke catching on with a team? Was kind of hoping we would re-sign him, but doesn’t look that way. Injuries kinda got the best of him I guess.

He was one of my fav cat receivers; very tough, made real nice catches in traffic. Anyone think he signs with a team or comes back to us?

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he was interviewed for this article , i don't think Football is a priority to him anymore

The guy is only 30 years old, still a few good years left. If he's still on the free agent list, it means he still wants to play.

I don't think Tasker could make the Roster
The talent at receiver is outstanding
You might be a great injury pick up later in the season

But no other team has picked him up either. But that could change when teams evaluate what they have in camp.

Well it appears that Lukas Tasker (it seems like he changed his name) has moved on from football and is doing quite well in the real-estate business in his home town of Buffalo ,NY .

Unless he has a doppelganger or a twin brother I would say that is definitely Luke aka Lucas Tasker in the pic .


His legal name is Lucas Steele Tasker , Luke is just a short form for Lucas

He seems to have moved on from football so only way i could see him signing anywhere would be sign a one day contract with the Ticats to Officially retire as a Ticat like Gable did .


But he is still listed in the CFL as a free agent, he hasn't removed his name or announced his retirement.
Real estate agent is a flexible job that can be done in the off season or during the season. When the border was open it would be easy for him to drive from his home in Buffalo to practice every day in Hamilton and home again in the afternoon. Maybe he could still do that as he would be classed as an "essential worker"

Did he get any inquiries? Any offers?

Perhaps he just didn't like what he was hearing and is waiting for an offer or opportunity that matches what the value he believes his brings as a veteran receiver. Not everyone jumps at a low-ball offer.

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I realize that , I just think it funny that he was never referred too by that name during his playing days . Perhaps maybe he figures that going by his given name of Lucas sounds more professional in his new line of work . Whatever the reason , all I got to say is good luck Lucas Tasker in your new career and thanks for 7 years of great highlights and memories .


Yeah no doubt going by short forms is likely easier when being a pro athlete. I knew his full name since when his son Steele was born it was mentioned in a article or post . Mutiple CFL players are named Michael and go by Mike .

He was chatting with Ticats for a while but seems to have moved on

Likely being there for his 3 young sons is more important to him right now. His wife had twins last year plus they have Steele who is a toddler.

My guess is that he is probably doing quite well in his new position . Well enough to leave the grind and aches and bruises of football behind him . You would also have to think that with his last name being Tasker and the name being legendary in his hometown that it's helped quite a bit with his commissions and sales .

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Pretty sure I read his brother helped him get involved with real estate but yeah no doubt his last name likely helped. Wouldn't surprise me if he signed a one day contract to retire as a ticat once borders reopen.

Maybe his dad begged him to retire just to shut up Rod Black.


I hate to say it, but it's time to move on.
He wasn't signed in 2020 year to ANY team.
He wasn't signed THIS year to ANY team.

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If he'd does have any interest to return it will be the eastern teams where he is close enough to home . IMO .

I think Hamilton was just a great fit for him location wise .

Ottawa could use him if he is healthy and still really wants to play .

we are assuming he has kept himself in game shape.

he is probably enjoying life, making more as a realtor (one of the easiest, laziest, highest paying jobs on the planet), spending time with his family.

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