Luke Tasker signed!

My phone just lit up with the good news! A 2 year deal.

Just saw the story. Great news and I am happy its not just a 1 year deal! Now lets get Dean signed next.

Great news! ???


Hey, Ti-Cats, wake up.

offense is in place. Small tweaks only.
All additional work is on the D side of the ball.
Getting a couple new young starters like we did with Leonard and Coleman would be great.

FanTASKtic!! 8)

Heart and soul of the offense might be over stating it. But hes awfully close.

Nice work, Kent.

Great news and I am happy

Great news for fans, the TiCat organization and for Luke and his family. Love the way this guy plays!

Great news. Receiving corps now potentially includes three 1,000-yard receivers from 2017 plus two others (Toliver and Fantuz) who are previous 1,000-yard guys. Some uncertainty about those last two due to prior injuries. Chambers looked good late last year. Receiving depth drops like a stone after that.

You could make the case that we could still benefit from a stud free agent signing (is DeVaris Daniels the only one left?). But I would be surprised to see that, based on the money we probably have tied up in the position already (see above names) and our past patterns with free agent receivers in the Austin era, with only Chad Owens and Spencer Watt signed in the off-season. Other additions have been mid-season cuts like Sinkfield and Kevin Elliott. Come to think of it, we've pretty much only signed ex-Argos, with all others being recruited directly ourselves. We are a net supplier of receiving talent to the CFL.

Luuuuuuuuuke you remembered the force. ;D ;D

Offense is in place . Yes indeedy do . Barring any injuries or unforeseen circumstances or changes our projected starting 12 on this side of the ball is shaping up on paper at least to be quite formidable . Even better if we also can manage to get Fantuz up and running again and back into the lineup .

Projected starting Offense (* signifies Cdn )

QB.....Jeremiah Masoli
RB.....Alex Green
WR....Brandon Banks
WR....Shamawd Chambers *
SB.....Terence Toliver
SB.....Luke Tasker
SB.....Jalen Saunders
C.......Mike Filer *
RG.....Ryan Bomben *
RT.....Ryker Mathews
LG.....Brandon Revenberg *
LT.....Tony Washington

Cool hands Luke!!!

...and stop sitting on your hands!

I think the team has decent depth at WR.
When you can roll out Aultman or Collins as #5 it is not that bad. I also hold out hope that Willie Quinn will show to be a dangerous weapon for ST and WR ala Speedy Banks. More training camp Import receivers still to come i am sure though.

FanTUZstic next?


I agree blackandgold. Fans have to remember that the team has also already signed a couple of FA receivers including the speedy Canadian Akeem Haynes.

ExPat - Would love to see Andy back too - I think he only signed until the end of last season - but health and cap space will no doubt be a factor. I see him staying with the team in a capacity like last season if he isn't signed to a player contract.