Luke Tasker resigned for three years by the Cats

Every Cats fan is really happy with this signing. He was our best clutch receiver last year IMO. Great to have him back. Even better that he really wants to be here, is happy here, and seems to have chemistry with Collaros. That he just seems like a nice stand up guy - as he comes across in this video - is a bonus as a Cats fan.

The best result of this signing?

I can hardly contain my excitement.

This is pretty big for Hamilton. He is a smart player and he clearly understands Austin's offence. When you have a lot of turnover in personel you need someone you can count on.

Huge signing for the Cats.
With every catch down the middle, this kid reminds me more and more of Ben Cahoun.

Pssssst, I think it's Darth Vader.

Some more from Luke (son of Steve) Tasker. -

Great article about Tasker.

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Luke Tasker had a contract from an NFL team on the table. A two-year deal that would have provided him with an invite to the Green Bay Packers training camp and a shot to make the roster. It was the kind of opportunity that most CFL players only dream of.

He turned them down.

Instead, the 24-year-old receiver signed a three-year deal to return to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, all but closing the door on an NFL career but opening up what he vehemently believes will be a better life for both him and his family.

"I'm not saying it was an easy decision. We talked about it for a long time with a lot of people," Tasker said Friday, a day after the deal was officially announced by the club. "But when I really thought it about it, it seemed crazy to go some place with so much uncertainty while giving up a situation where we're already so happy."

Ticats general manager and head coach Kent Austin seems pretty pleased as well. Tasker was a CFL East Division all-star in 2014 as he led the Ticats in receiving with 72 receptions for 937 yards and five touchdowns in 17 regular season games in 2014.

But those numbers only tell part of the story. Austin was asked on Friday to describe Tasker's attributes and unleashed a 40-second monologue that touched on 16 different qualities and included everything from smarts to toughness to selflessness.

"He's a great person to have on the team, great player," Austin said, by way of summation. "Everything about him is what we're trying to build."

It wasn't just about a football decision. Both Tasker and wife, Jenna, are from upstate New York and have plenty of family in the area. She's hoping to begin graduate school in the fall and they are renovating a house just south of Buffalo. Even his father, Steve, who was a seven-time Pro Bowler with the Bills and now works as analyst for CBS, was in favour of the Hamilton option.

"My Dad wanted me to come here so bad," Tasker said. "He's a family guy, first and foremost and for what my wife and I are doing, for what we want in the future, he felt this made the most sense."

Tasker is popular with his teammates — offensive lineman Mike Filer made the trip in from Brantford to be at Friday's media session — but one guy who didn't lobby Tasker to return was quarterback Zach Collaros. The two enjoy excellent on-field chemistry and have talked frequently this off-season but Collaros kept the pressure off.

"He wanted me to come back, obviously, but he also said he thought I'd make it if I went to Green Bay," Tasker said of Collaros. "He just wanted me to be happy, either way."

Now that the deal is signed, Tasker said he feels both relief and excitement. While most football careers are plagued by uncertainty, Tasker and his family have the closest thing to stability as a player is likely to get. And by closing the door on the NFL himself, he's fully at peace with the decision.

"I don't have a burning desire to play in the NFL. I just don't. I love, love, love playing football. I fell in love with playing football again last season and I just want to play," he said. "I want to win a Grey Cup and it means more to me than taking a shot at the NFL."

Great article. How refreshing to see a player consider other things than just money when it comes to where he will play.

"But when I really thought it about it, it seemed crazy to go some place with so much uncertainty while giving up a situation where we're already so happy."

I wish more players took the time to more carefully consider their career options before signing for peanuts and little to absolutely NO security to essentially be cannon fodder for some NFL team during training camp. Then returning to the CFL in a diminished state only to be out of football a short time later.

He doesn't have to consider money because he is already rich.... If his daddy wasn't pulling a high six or low seven figure salary now, he would of chosen option A instead of option B.

Yes, because every father who works past his 50s in broadcast and approaching retirement age, always continues to pay for his son and his family's livelihood well after he's left university. I also know every 24 year old with a family loves to simply have their father pay their way for them and live in the lap of luxury.

Bungle, your ability to see dark clouds in every silver lining and spew out more vitriol then a 4 gallon tank of H2SO4 with a firehose attached to it astounds me.

Isn't it just the expected response?

Well there is no other explanation why he would not take the shot at the NFL then.. He is 24 and apparently has already had kids... At best he might of signed for 150k US. After taxes he would barely have 100 k US.. Now compare that to what he would make in the NFL as even a bench warmer.
He hose the CFL because he is already financially set up and enjoys the 3 and a half hour work days that allow him to spend time with his family. Most people do not have this option, they have to work as many hours as they can get to make the most money as they possibly can, and it still isn't enough money. Guys I work with in Ft Mac are constantly in arguments with their wives over money ,and make a similar wage as to what Tasker is now earning. The safest part is that if Tasked gets hurt, the Cats will dump him like yesterday's laundry and his contract will be void. Years ago I advocated that the CFL have guaranteed long term contracts, this would separate the CFL from the NFL and how they treat their employees like dogmeat. Have a couple drinks on a plane and your career is finished... Its ridiculous down there

Perhaps because he genuinely doesn't want to uproot his family, which is a strain even if you are rich. Perhaps because he simply understands one does not need to be rich to be happy. Perhaps because he wants to PLAY football and not warm the bench because unlike working in Ft. MacMurray, playing Football is far more entertaining then 12 hour shift-work in an industrial job in Northern Alberta. Perhaps because he genuinely wants to win a Grey Cup and actually likes playing Canadian Football.

But I guess that's all just crazy talk.

Definitely taking into consideration a life style and role as a football player. Already known about his home being Buffalo. Also considering in the NFL he likely would be looked to be more of a teams player and a lot less if any as a receiver. I won't mention why, but everyone thinks he would be a great teams player as a gunner and/or returner. When in fact he has done very little of that during his college and pro career so far.
In the off season he has already started as a sports reporter in Buffalo local network.
A real good time to be a top CFL free agent as well especially when he is still so young. The CFL upping the Cap will up the salary a bit of a top player base salary as well as some incentives.
The rather large roster that Austin has carried the last two seasons expanded by the use of the one game IR will shrink significantly this season now that he has sifted through and gotten his main core of players set. Thats quite a few minimum side salaries that will be eliminated and that will add up.
With the CFL now firmly set with top ratings along with other reasons, I won't mention, makes him prime to cash in on some endorsement deals that could run from Hamilton to Buffalo.

Has anyone checked the price of oil lately... Will the dollar even be 80c by June?. Yes it makes sense for him to play as a starter and not a bench warmer, and special teams guy for less money close to home... It only makes sense if he is rich already..
Like my friend julie is the only single white nurse left at Burnaby general . It makes sense for her because her dad bought her a condo before he died and thus she has no mortgage... Every other single white nurse in her ward has left Burnaby and now work out of the province or in terrible places like Chilliwack... Every other single nurse is Filipeana or from some other country and live with multiple people in their home to be able to live on the measly 40 dollars an hour.Barely 30 in American nowadays.. ... About 20 after taxes... Living in the most expensive city in North America on 800 bucks/week US is impossible. Just like raising a family in Hamilton on barely 100k is difficult without outside support.

I don't know if Chad Owens has a rich dad, but he's another player who rejected a NFL tryout offer to sign longterm in the CFL. Khalif Mitchell turned down a six-figure signing bonus from the Dolphins to resign with the Lions (his agent was so incensed with his decision he dropped Mitchell as a client). Khalif said he was proud to play in the CFL and enjoyed playing here. Things haven't worked out too bad for Owens turning down his NFL "tryout". He could earn a couple million dollars playing with the Argos. Not too bad for 6 months work a year. He and his family liked it so much here they've left Hawaii and moved here year-round! :thup:

Some predictions out there have the dollar dropping to as low as 69 cents US. That would make for a huge effective pay cut for American players.

The CBA looks worse every day.. Lol

Will all depend on the oil industry. Could be back up to 90 or drop as low as high fifties.