Luke Tasker projected stats

Basically make it short and sweet, Tasker is arguably top 5 WR in this league and he may be the best receiver when it comes to dirty underneath catches and second down conversions.

Taskers stats through 11 games so far this season
63 catches
858 yards
5 touchdowns

Now if you take his current averages and pro-rate it to a 18 game season, you'd get a full season that looks like this.
103 catches
1404 yards
8 touchdowns

Although this is all hypothetical, pretty crazy to see a glimpse into the world of "what if" Tasker didn't start the year on the sidelines. Hamilton has been blessed with many very talented receivers in my lifetime circa 1994-2015, if he keeps up his production over the course of a decade or so with Cats, where might Tasker end up on the list of greatest receivers in Tiger-Cats history.

Was the Pearl better? What about Champion? Obviously Henley has to be mentioned who was waaaay before I was even thought of? I remember Darren Flutie who Tasker is almost a spitting image of.

Just some food for thought while we all battle the clock until 10:00pm tonight.

I know that this has been posted already elsewhere, but I believe it's well worth posting the "Catch of the Year" one more time.
Here it is for all too enjoy and marvel at just how GREAT a receiver that Tasker has blossomed into. He is pure poetry in motion and it's hard to believe that he is only in his 3rd season in the Pros. I strongly believe that when his career is finally over (hopefully entirely as a Cat ) and it's all said and done that Tasker will no doubt be ranked up near the top as one of the BEST that's ever played for this team and also in this league. :smiley: :rockin:

Damn, Tasker is good. reminds me of the reliable Rocky Dipietro or more recently Ben Cahoon. We should start calling Tasker, "Money"

Did you his father played for the Bill in the NFL? :rockin: :lol:

Yup :lol: Good old Bill Tasker :lol: Who could ever forget him :wink:

How could any of this be true? (As pointed out, when first discovered, a couple of weeks, or more, ago) The TiCats’ leading receiver, this season, is Andy Fantuz with 272 yds. There is nobody named Tasker listed as a receiver.

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