Luke Tasker has been busy, Maybe he can now Re-sign!

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17m17 minutes ago
Congratulations to #Ticats receiver Luke Tasker and his wife, Jenna, on the birth of their baby boy, Steele James!

Steele, how Hamilton is that!!

WHAT!!! No Ti-Cat Jammies !!

Looks like Jenna's got some great hands too!
The kids going to be a great receiver!! :wink:

Memo to Tillman, put him on your neg list now!

Now if we could Steele Luke away from his family duties next week to re-up that would be as beautiful as his family is!!

Luke, I am not your father but Steve and James Earl Jones have got to be proud ! Well done my son . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

cute baby

Tasker's heart is black and gold. Sign him for life. We'll get nothing but his best every play

Luke you can't name your kid Steele and not resign...

you don't really want him too resign do ya

Go away, troll.

Resign = quit. Re-sign = keep playing.

lmao I laughed no worries ... this is where I do my lazy writing and get caught sometimes ... I certainly want him to re-sign, not resign

That one wasn't directed at you, 2ez... lol

Luke turned 27 today!
By The Way, Lukes middle name is Steele, go figure!

Hope you get a new TiCat contract for your birthday

I just hope we can re-sign him. Great procession receiver and I think heโ€™ll thrive under the run and shoot. In the past heโ€™s Ben quick enough to get open when the QB is in trouble. Smart player who understands that you sometimes need to run towards the QB to save a sack.