Luke tasked

Memo to coach

Please don't let yr personal loyalty to a kid who played for you in college blind you to your responsibility to the fans

Kent Austin is a great individual and an outstanding coach..but in this instance. The kid was a wasted space in the lineup...and Calgary figured it out real real fast

How's that catch for wasted space?

Forgive me...methinks I doth protest too much :oops:

Put it down to frustration with the teams performance

kid played good, the issue is Burris as usual, most picks in the league again

KA has absolutely NO responsibility to the fans. He is responsible to Bob Young and Bob Young only. He has been crocheting a team together week-by-week to try to keep it competitive.

BTW Wanker, the first one was NOT on Hank. The OL let the DL tip the pass into the air. Of course your man-hate on him will blind you to everything...

Tasker played well when leFevour was tossing him the ball - not wasted space at all IMO. The first pick was not on Burris but the others certainly were!! Receivers didn't help by not catching or hanging on to the ball at times either!!

Agreed. DL throws pics in the EZ too...

In retrospect it was a mistake plugging him in, Couple of times Tasker positioned himself weakly - letting DB get the angle, Cats need some more speed right now, could have put Collins in there but who knows, its not like Austin had tons of choices - he's just as green as Tasker.

displaced cat fan - just stating the facts on Burris, my opinion today of him was the same as it was the day he was traded here. Your'e right the first one was not on him but the other 2 were. Get used to it as Calgary fans say as they laugh at Cat fans

I thought Tasker decent for a rookie receiver, but he's no Greg Ellingson. I sincerely hope Ellingson gets healthy for the next game.

The games stats do not list him with any catches. Did he get any?

How can you plug in such a young rookie receiver in game 13? Surely there must some adequate receivers on the roster by now. Charbonneau-Campeau should be able to play by now. He certinly showed more in his first game last year.

Won't matter if he is healthy or not you need a QB that can throw the ball to his own players. Harsh but accurate, since the INT against Calgary in the first match up Hank has been throwing blanks. Hank cannot deal with pressure, at this late stage in Hank's career I do not know if Austin can help him much. Hopefully Hank gets his act together next week.

Agreed. I have nothing against Tasker, but shouldn't the team show some loyalty towards players who have been here for a while? How is a guy like Charbonneau-Campeau going to improve if they don't give him any playing time on offence? And why don't they give Collins a chance to play?

Re Tasker:

The guy is here. Kent Austin knows about him. He knows Austin''s offence. Austin is re-building the team. Why shouldn't he get in a game asap so the coach can see what he has to offer?
Based on what I saw, I would say he could be a keeper. He looks like a scrapper who fights for the ball. Another Stala.

Loyalty, you say? Sounds like you're new here. Not really a consideration in the CFL.

Tasked was ok but if he's already playing ahead of the guys on the depth chart, there's a problem.

An Argo-Cat fan

It's a fair question. Is Tasker so good that he immediately jumps ahead of other receivers on the depth chart after a hand full of practices and zero CFL playing time? If so, what does that say about Eric Austin's opinion of the backup receivers here?
Oh wait ... maybe Kent Tillman had to promise Tasker a starting receiver's job just to get him to sign here. :wink:

my thought about the positioning you place tasker at sb when it should have been stalla . Dave is not a wideout reciever and the red team new this .thus not being able to stretch the field enables the defence to play closer to the line of scrimmage thus being able to jump alot of the recievers routes

coupe6652, finally someone with an accurate post on Burris

Not sure why he's not listed in the stats on the Ticats website, but according to CFL Live Play site (, he had four receptions for 53 yards.

I thought he played fairly well, better than expected for a rookie in his first game mid-season (when DBs have already hit their stride). But I was surprised that they didn't go with non-import Charbonneau-Campeau for the ratio flexibility.