Luke ..... son of NFL great Steve Tasker

Sorry - Rod Black wrote that subject title for me.

Steve Tasker is playing hooky from his CBS gig to be in Vancouver to watch his son. OK - not really hooky since he did get permission from his bosses for the day off.

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Father and son. It is both a Cat Stevens classic and the great sporting connection.

Steve Tasker was in Atlanta on Sunday afternoon broadcasting a game for CBS between the Falcons and Detroit Lions when he nervously glanced at his phone and saw he had a text message.

“Punt return TD Brandon Banks,? the message from a family friend came in.

Some minutes later, his phone vibrated again.

“Punt return TD Brandon Banks.?

“And I’m thinking,? said Tasker, the former National Football League star and current broadcaster, “why does he keep repeating the same message??

After the game, he found out why: His son, Luke, the second-year receiver with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, was going to the Grey Cup.

Tasker got on the phone, called his bosses at CBS and made an unusual request. He asked for this Sunday off.

“I said I’d really appreciate it if they allow me to go to the game in Vancouver and you know what? They couldn’t have been more supportive and understanding. I thought they were really awesome about it.?
Once Steve got the go-ahead from CBS to take this Sunday off, plans began to book flights to Vancouver. In all, 14 family members, in-laws, a grandmother from Kansas, friends, are making their way west. Luke has a sister coming in from Anchorage.

“Since they won the game on Sunday, it’s been pretty crazy just to organize everything,? Steve Tasker said.

“I’m really looking forward to this. I hope they win. I don’t give him a lot of advice, but I told him this: ‘You have to embrace these opportunities. You don’t know when they’re going to happen and you have to seize the big moments. If you drop a pass, come back and make a play. I told him: ‘Don’t be afraid or don’t shy away from consequences.’ That’s the mindset I’m looking forward to seeing on Sunday.?

Luke Tasker couldn’t be more excited his dad is coming to the Grey Cup.

“Hopefully,? the football junkie said, “this is our year.

And this comment from Luke - one of the most clutch performer for the Ti-Cats this season - bodes well for the Cats being able to sign him and keep him in Hamilton.
Luke Tasker, 23, is building a career. These are the early years. There will be more.

“I didn’t grow up dreaming of the Grey Cup. No one in America does. But you come here and you realize it’s huge. It’s what you want. I’m not (looking south at the NFL). That’s not me. I love Hamilton. I love this team. This is the most fun I’ve had playing football my whole life and I’m including my high school years. I may be in another country, but I’m only an hour away from home. This feels like home. I’ve dug in in Hamilton. I hope there’s a future for me here.?

Doug Flutie has often said the same thing about his time in the CFL And judging by guys like Grover Covington, Damon Allen, Anthony Calvillo and Don Narcisse, all of whom I met last night, they feel the same way.

It's really only some People who don't know any better who worship the NFL to exclusion of anything else.

Let's hope Rod Black is part of the Grey Cup crew this year, ESPN is covering the game so we will have to listen to a couple of Tasker stories.