Luke Fritz Available???

Apparently Luke isn't happy being a healthy scratch again this week...being replaced by Dave Mudge.

Yet, two weeks ago, we trade Jason Maas for a FB, when it may have been possible to get a top quality O-Lineman???

IF Fritz was even remotley available...this is where we should have gone in the Maas deal.

[url=] ... ros_id=204[/url]

are online gelling we gave up sack last night and we wouldn prob need to give up a good player to get him i say NO!to going after

I don't think Fritz was available, hendy. It has been Popp's custom to healthy scratch an OL...heck, even Okeke was being scratched last year.

I would like to see Cavka get a look. Davis actually played pretty well on Friday, probably knowing he's being pushed at this point. For me, we have to get our tackle situation fixed because the interior line has been far better and with a sprintout QB like Casey, we need good escorts for him when he moves the pocket.

Oski Wee Wee,

Montreal must be deep at the O-line if they can healthy scratch a first round pick OT. Thats our weakest spot on the O-line. We could use him.

Found the link...

[url=] ... 44&k=97249[/url]

Thanks hendy77 :thup:

That's an interesting read!

No one was about to give up anything of value for Maas. Just fringe guys or low draft picks. Certainly, not quality O-linemen. And after Maas's performance on the weekend, the Als probably think they gave up too much to get him.

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7-10 for 90 yards and 1 TD for Maas is relief. Not too bad!

You guys want Fritz? You can have him. We've given up 50+ sacks this season. Our O-line isn't anything to write home about.

I like it..." Fritz the Cat".

LMAO :lol: ...That was a GREAT MOVIE!!!! :cowboy: :rockin:

And for those that remember this will good for more laughs than any "kissing bandit" joke! :lol: