Lui come back!!!

yes i would make that trade. printers will not go to the nfl anytime soon. he has been half injured all year and looked avg when he has played. one year wonders do happen and while i think printers has potential to be good i suspect he will never make it in the nfl. that is right. i said never. i think he will try and might hold a third string clipboard or practice squad for half a year but he will not last. the question is will his ego allow him to come back to the cfl or will he call it quits/play arena ball. i would be willing to take the chance that he comes to wpg and suceeds for a couple years then tries the yankee version. if we don't have westwood we could try to sign ryan for both duties. ryan being another near nfl player but not quite there yet. ryan will prove me wrong before printers does though.

yea ive also heard about him and seen this kid before on T.V last year in some highschool football haha give him a shot

The only thing last year that some Rider fans deserved getting st for, was dumping the st on Maccallums lawn after the Western Final.

O’Mahony is inconsistent. He was inconsistent last year, and is even worse this year. Last year, between his kicking, and DD’s cold play, we lost the Grey Cup. Wally should have dumped O’Mahony during the off-season, but chose not to. This season, O’Mahony is toast…IMO.

I agree with most you you guys. Keep Duncan for punts.. No doubtr abnout it he is good at that.. We do needa good Kciker... Anderson is good for someone who is not a Kicker. He is a slot back... Lui was great.. There will never be another Lui... All teh CFL's kickers are struggling save perhaps 2... Yes Duncan has messed up teh last two games for us.. Yes I agree he can do better.. We did need to lose though so we can come abck stronger then ever... Long live the Lions...

How’s your ankle? Those bandwagon injuries can be a killer! :roll: Give your head a shake man. What part of Regina are you from?