You are right.
But the TSN broadcasts are not noticeably better than the CBC casts, so I am not sure of the concern there--both shows had ample room for improvement.
But the point Earl was making was that they were afraid to rock the boat with TSN, because of their long term and excellent relationship.
I countered by pointing out that the CFL has a longer, and had a good relationship with CBC as well.
And if the rationale Earl was giving has any merit, then somebody in the CFL marketing department should be fired for the sheer timidity of that attitude.

HOCKEY , is Canada's most watched sport by far.

You can't compare the CFL to the Oylimpics.

The CBC has always taken the CFL for granted , but they don't want to lose hockey , one of their only big T.V. ratings grabbers.

A major factor for the JAYS is there are many more teams in MLB than in the CFL.

The same goes for NHL hockey.

This CFL is fighting years of failure and bad managment.It will take more time to change that perception. I think that the new commish is a great choice because he knows many people in the business world and can help change that loser CFL perception in Toronto and elsewhere.

Is life fair.

Explain this? NHL HOCKEY [hockey in general] has a much higher world profile than the NFL does. NHL players are in the winter Olyimpics where countries play each other. Only 1 country plays 4 down football.So why do NHL players make far less money compared to NFL players?

The CFL on TSN will get more promotion than the CBC ever gave the CFL during the regular season.

There will now be allot of cross promotion with CTV for the CFL.

We will only know if this was a good deal for the CFL , 5 years from now.

Toronto selling out the GREY CUP before the season starts , will help allot. The media can't ignore the facts forever. It is almost like a bad habit for them. We need to keep writing letters to the media. :thup:

The CFL T.V. ratings will do the rest.BUT IT WILL TAKE MORE TIME :thup:

Have any of you guys thought about the number of games shown for each hockey & football? Hockey has to be double to triple the number of games shown, if not more. Someone should figure it out on a per game basis, and then you will have a real number to bitch about...or not.

I wonder if the CFL knew what CBC would offer behind closed doors and since in was way lower than what TSN was offering, it was best not to even start a "bidding war", it would have had a negative image on both the CFL and CBC. Maybe the CBC said we aren't going to give you much because we are putting everything we have into HNIC to get that. I don't know but a possiblity maybe. Options now for the CBC with Toronto FC soccer and Blue Jays really. And HNIC is their main baby.

Yeah, I’ve heard rumors of the Blue Jays getting some games televised on CBC this year, and who knows, with the recent success of the Raptors, maybe the CBC will take a run at some of those games too?

The CFL TV deal is what it is, and nothing we can do to change it. Complaining about doesnt do a whole lot of good-- hopefully they will consider different options when the current TV deal expires.

LOL, amusing post but I can take it farther. You explore your options and try to get a better girlfriend and your old one gets fed up and leaves you. After things don't really work out as planned, your ex is looking pretty hot lately (TSN's very bright future) and it seems she has commited to an even bigger stud than you (NFL). :frowning:

Again... I know as diehards our hearts bleed when the CFL isn't shown in the same light as the other pro-leagues... but consider the VOLUME of viewers.

We all go crazy over the fact that the CFL outdraws the Jays, Raptors & NFL for TV numbers on a game to game basis.

What we forget is that this value reflects a 77 game schedule... where CBC will boradcast 22 CFL games per year, they'll televise 55 regular season and 40 or 50 playoff games at 2 times the ratings at least???

I think the value of the TV deal makes perfect sense when you consider howmany times a given brand is going to get ads to people's eyes.


I understand where you're comming from. However, my personal opinion has it that the CBC in recent years has butchered its CFL telecast while TSN's quality has definitely improved.

But thats been discussed to death and I'll leave it at that.

The CBC has ponied major dollars to keep HNIC, so the quality of other sports broadcasts on the network will suffer, but Im not too sure that the CFL on CBC can be much worse than it is now.

Hope the CBC knew what they were paying for!

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I still don't understand why CTV wasn't part of the deal. If you think that TSN does a better job on football (hockey too?) than CBC, why not have the TSN experience on CTV? I understand why TSN made this deal, but I mystified that the league would.

Are not NFL games on Global and CH? These are available over the air? Thus, any Canadian with an antenna will be able to watch the Super Bowl, but will have to get cable and hope that his provider offers TSN to watch the Grey Cup? Even if the number thus cut off is small, it's a number that shouldn't exist.

Well I guess since it is all one giant conglomerate, TSN has not yet ruled out showing the GC on the main CTV network or simulcast by both.

yes they have.

theres been numourous articles posted here, where TSN/ CTV has said they are ONLY putting the grey cup on TSN.

seems they have ruled it out to me.

Although it has been said how TSN will carry all, I read somewhere else and I forget where how the final GC decision and possibly all playoffs has not been ruled out.

The CBC thinks that the NHL is it's salvation, as it really has very few shows of any real quality. I do not watch the NHL anymore, after watching my beloved Jets leave for Phoenix, because the American run NHL does not really value Canada. The CBC has way overpaid the NHL for broadcasting rights, as ratings for the NHL in Canada are still dropping. Before the new year, the NHL had dropped one more percentage in ratings on tv in Canada. As well, after the Canadian teams fall by the wayside, the ratings go down. The Oilers run in the playoffs drew a few more fans, but it did not draw in the big numbers that they had hoped it would. More of a shocker, is who in their right mind would pay Ron McLean and Don Cherry all that cash?


I don't really see the problem with the CFL on CBC, but then again I mostly just watch the football, and I'm not the best critic of TV shows anyway, so whatever ... as long as I get to see my football games, I'm happy ...

The only word I can think of to describe TSN not showing any games on CTV is (fittingly) "ludicrous" ... so much so that I doubt that's the case. I would suspect, and hope, that there would be at least one game (preferably two) per week on CTV, as well as all the playoffs. I'm sure CTV, who owns TSN, realizes it would be stupid for ratings to do anything else. (What I'd really like to see is two networks competing for it - ie, CTV vs CBC vs Global - so as to drive up demand, but that's been discussed already here.)

Frankly, if CTV is only going to show games on TSN, I'd say we organize and write them something to protest it.