well you guys did it you beat the blue and gold.
some nice plays and you guys got away with some.
lucky the blue had a patched up d-fence.
well good luck esks, who knows it would be a great grey cup if the two teams have to go head to head.
heres to you fans in the west esks will make the west final.

The blow bummers were lucky they had 2 very questionable video replays go in their favour. The blow bummers were very lucky that the Eskimos lost a starting Offensive Lineman last week to a concussion, and lost a second starting Offensive Lineman in tonight's game to a calf injury. The blow bummers are very lucky the Eskimos lost a starting defensive back to a broken arm in tonights game. Or else, the score may not have been as close as it was. Good luck to the bummers. You may win your first Grey Cup since 1990 yet.