Lucky Whitehead to undergo surgery; out for 2-4 weeks

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions announced on Monday that wide receiver Lucky Whitehead will undergo surgery this Wednesday after breaking his hand in last week’s loss to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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How is Lucky getting surgery when the hospitals are full of Covid patients?
I thought all unnecessary surgeries were postponed

That really sucks, Lucky was having his best season. Get well and get back to work soon.


My understanding is only the elective surgeries requiring post ICU (Major Surgeries)are postponed. I'm Not a Doctor but I doubt ICU is required to fix a bone or two in the hand. Most just need to be set and then placed in a cast. That can be done in a Dr, office as an out patient. And he can't catch with a cast on his hand.

BC is not Alberta or Saskatchewan so I think that isn't an issue in Vancouver. Also it likely doesn't require anesthesia so won't need an ICU bed.

I think some people are very mixed up on the status of hospitals. COVID patients DO NOT occupy the entire hospital. There is still other wards with other patients and usually COVID patients are kept in separate wards to prevent virus spread. There is still people sick with other things besides COVID in Canada and the world.

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One of the reasons Winnipeg was willing to let him walk. Couldn't stay healthy

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Surgeries are done at hospitals but yes icu wouldn't be needed and I would think the orthopedic area of hospital is at a totally separate wing of separate then where covid patients would be .

Surgery could likely be done outpatient at the hospital though

The bad news is the Lions Lucky Whitehead will be out of the Lions lineup for 2-4 weeks. The good news is they will have Lucky back for the remaining 2021 schedule and hopefully a playoff run :question:

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I was hoping he only had a broken bone and NOT ligament or nerve damage. Four weeks is all he'll need. Lucky's not done yet! :smiley: :+1:

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My take on all this - Maybe he is Not so Lucky.