Lucky Whitehead in stands IG Field Winnipeg

Quite funny to see former Blue Bomber and current BC Lions star WR Lucky Whitehead in the stands watching the entire game.

Ya, I sawthat too. He also came over to the South endzone to meet fans after the Lions lost about a month ago.
You can tell he misses being a part of this team. Come back next year Lucky!

He's not allowed in THF; unless he is playing....nor is any other former ticat that is currently under contract (or seeking a new contract).

Just curious, that's just your opinion, yes?

Hope he's there with his Bomber Pose, ready to rip into the TiCat players as they leave the field in shame!

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and wait, what do you mean former Ticat? WPG brought him up....

i e I wouldn't want a former ticat player (who now plays for another team ) cheering in the stands with us (even if it is for us)
Sounds ridiculous that he is with Winnipeg fans when he plays for BC, a rival??

I disagree, Lucky is a fan of the CFL, and has friends on/in Winnipeg. I respect that he sits with the fans rather then in some isolated booth. Who knows maybe he wants back where Grey Cups are won.

Regardless he is a good ambassador for the sport.


Maybe he wants to be back in Winnipeg; in which case if I am a Lions fan I would be pissed. (Especially with the subpar season they have had)

Perhaps Lucky is pissed for being a healthy scratch, and likes Grey Cup money