Lucky to win? I think so...

It sure was a good thing that Ricky Ray didn't show up to the game or it could have been a lot soon as we got momentum on our side in the first half we went right back to the same old crap of two and outs and no points! Even in the first half we were lucky to get the points that we got...Maas balls were very under thrown and if not for some catches just short of miraculous, we would have lost the game...Maas passed to Flick deep but was only about 40 yards, it was underthrown, and Flick had to almost turn right around as he was looking in the middle of the field when it was thrown to the outside...and Flick got hurt on the play, the touchdown pass to Flick I believe was also underthrown and flick had to make another circus catch in the endzone just to come down with the ball. Peterson also had to slow down to an underthrown ball deep in edmonton territory. Also penalties helped us out a lot in the first half as edmonton had a couple major fouls to prolonged a couple of our drives that led to touchdowns. If it was not for the tremendous effort of our recievers and the help of the referees then we would have lost this game!

If Ricky Ray steps up next game like I know he can then the cats will lose again because Maas still can't throw...our recievers aren't going to get as lucky next week. Edmonton is going to be hungry because they know they can beat us because they know Maas doesn't have an arm, if the cut down on the penalties and Ray plays better than it will be another blow out!

Earlier in the season we were also unlucky to lose a few. So I will take this one gladly.

I am also glad we won a game just pointing out that we were lucky to win the game and next week will be an entirely different story

  1. Ray didn't show up for the game.

  2. Hamilton receivers did show up for the game.

  3. Maas wasn't perfect, but he did cut down on the INTs and the fumbles.

  4. Our penalty situation was nowhere near where it was, say, three games ago.

  5. Edmonton is still 4-8. For a reason.

Bottom line: We played better, we tried harder, and it brought a W to the standings. There was no perfection out there, but it's easier to build on a win than on a loss.

Some people go out of their way to find all the bad things rather than look to build on the positives...I think all 3 facets of the ball were played well... offense, defense and special teams... they may have hung back in the second half playing not to LOSE... but it all worked out

I really have to agree with all the above posters and particularly with the title of the thread!

hey i ll take it.

how can you say the offense played well? one touchdown was a punt return, another touchdown was given to us due to edmonton penalties, a short field after a turnover led to a field goal, a 43 yard field goal, and the only thing that made to offense look slightly better than garbage was that one drive that Maas floated the ball to our recievers who had to make miraculous catches. Oh and the running game was pretty brutal once again. The offense is still terrible with Maas because he doesn't have an arm. Our defense played a heck of a lot better than recent weeks and once again they started to fall apart in the second half because they were on the field way to much. The only real bright spot in this game was the special teams, tackling was great, kicking was great, and returning was great. oh and the fact that somehow we won this game was pretty good too...but don't come out and say how people always look at the negatives because buddy...this whole season has been made out of negatives...every week the organization says how they are trying to build on the positives and learn from their mistakes, but so far I have not seen any of this take place on the football field.

but don't come out and say how people always look at the negatives because buddy...this whole season has been made out of negatives..
And the first thing you do with a WIN is look at the negatives... why dissect it?? enjoy the W.. look at the positives...such as the "miraculous catch" you know what that means??.. the RECEIVER actually went AFTER the ball instead of watching it fall to the ground.. I didn't say the offense was PERFECT..I said they all played WELL.. I looked at the POSITIVES so what if 1 touchdown was by return or if penalties gave us a FG...point is we put POINTS up on those opportunities it's called CASHING IN.. making the most.. DOING WHAT WAS NEEDEDTO GET THE JOB DONE!!!

Thats how I can say they played well...


A Win is a WIn is a win. It doesn't matter how you get it, just that you get it.

Edmonton shot themselves in the foot. They committed too many mistakes, that in the end, cost them the game.

I don't think we won it so much as Edmonton gave it away. That's what we were doing all too often this season.

For once, we limited our mistakes and took advantage of someone elses.

Bingo :thup:

OK...we got a win though! Let's see if we can win again out west. :thup: :thup:

People, People...I am not against winning this game...I am all for it, I am glad that we won and yes there were some positives, but the fact is that in the second half we went right back to the old tiger-cats and we quite possibly could and would have lost this game if it were not for the lucky catches from wobbly, underthrown balls, and the penalties that help us.



For a team that probably has the worst luck in the league, Wel take a little bit now.