Lucky Guess: Whitehead has a hunch about 2023 Lions

A year ago at this time, when just about anyone that wasn’t inside the walls of the BC Lions’ inner sanctum in Surrey was worried about the team’s fortunes, Lucky Whitehead had a knowing grin on his face.

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His propeller beanie might be on a little tight.

I absolutely love this guy . The league needs more characters like Lucky if you ask me .


i love the Lucky. glad he's a Lion.

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I am glad as well that he is a Lion but I honestly wish he was a Tiger-Cat .

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If you ask the same questions to other guys on different teams I bet they would also believe at this point that their team is going to be excellent. However dreams are way different than reality. OK so Whitehead believes in his team (QBs) but if he didn't wouldn't that affect his playing? Would he be effective on the field thinking , "OH well my QB is just OK and maybe he will get me the ball!"
I think the Lions will be contenders this season, but time will tell.