Lucky Charms to beat Montreal.....

Well, it seems like the Ticats like this idea now......

This Saturday's Game theme has just been changed to "Change of Fortune Night"......and they want you to bring any lucky charm you can think of.....

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Go to the first page of this thread to get you "Lucky Cyber Penny"........or go find another "cyber charm", add it to your signature and let's get the karma flowing from us fans down onto the Ticats bench! :cowboy:

[i]Wednesday, July 11, 2007 - 04:50PM


Hamilton, Ontario – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are looking for a little ‘Change of Fortune’ for this Saturday's game against the Montreal Alouettes at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

"We need a change of fortune at the stadium this Saturday, so we'd like to invite the fans to help bring their good luck with them as they support the Tiger Cats in their game against the Alouettes,? said president Scott Mitchell. “We're hoping the fans join us in doing their part to bring the team as much good karma as possible the night after Friday the 13th. Whether it's fortune cookies, fortunetellers, or a little luck of the Irish, we want to have fun this Saturday by packing the place with good karma. Every team and organization can use a little good fortune, and we hope to get just that this Saturday night. Fortunately for Ticat nation, we continue to get great support from our fans!"

The first 20,000 fans to arrive at Ivor Wynne stadium will receive a fortune cookie and 11 lucky fans will find a special number inside their cookie to win a trip to Grey Cup in Toronto with Angelo Mosca and attend Tiger Town as a VIP. Fans are also encouraged to bring their own lucky items to the game such as a lucky t-shirt, four-leaf clover, lucky pin or any other item. Any fan that shows up with a lucky item will be entitled to $5 off any Reebok hat. A little luck of the Irish will also be spread throughout the stadium all night long.

All of the action begins with the Ticats pre-game party at 5:30pm. Fans can come in early and get involved with all of the pre-game entertainment including a live performance by local Hamilton band Breathe along with game stations from Y108 and Pioneer

About the Hamilton Tiger-Cats
The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are a member of the Canadian Football League (CFL) with a rich 138-year history, which includes 42 Canadian Football Hall of Famers and 15 Grey Cup Championships. For more information log onto

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The above appears to be yet another 'FUN' promotion for the Party Goers that will once again attempt to distract the Die Hard fans attention from getting HAMMERED by the Als!

Don't get fooled again. WIN or else let Management know what you are really feeling. Not like this politically correct web site!

Oh c’mon…the team knows full well there are some major fix-ups to do…hell, everyone knows that, but kudos to them for putting their egos aside and jumping on some fan-based crazy, fun ideas to at least acknowledge that we need a bit of good luck also to turn this around…and that’s always hard for professionals to admit…(be they football or office personnel)

…and hey, the penny seemed to have some magic in it too ya know :wink:

…and if we win?..hmmmmmmmm :stuck_out_tongue:

But if we lose - double HMMMMMMMMM!


Hey guys this penny thing sounds funny and interesting and has nuthing to do with being a “Party Goer” or “Die Hard Fan” so if you take a look at all the posts from good old stox he has done nuthing but complain since he signed up so pay no attention to him he’s just upset all his Crying hasn’t been answered be the “management” for 3 years! and figures he would come on to the team site and cry some more. :roll: I give up with this member and have quit replying but feel I would like to let everyone know what your dealing with here LOL

Then Charlie and Marcel can point at me and say to the reporters…Go Ask Him…he’s to blame this week!! :wink:

C’mon Stox, I just know you’re going to wear your lucky polka dot gotchies to the game…admit it! :twisted:

Well said Mikey . I consider myself one of those die hard fans and bringing some sort of lucky charm will NOT divert my attention away from the game at all . I will be bringing my lucky gnome .

I get so tired of the negativity shown every time someone says or tries to do anything positive .

This might help, its up to Bob to lift the curse:

I hope everyone realizes it’s all in fun and I’m sure the players will get a kick out of it too…I know DJ loved it!..and was honoured he was the ‘keeper of the penny’ when they went on road trips…Coach Kavis Reed even handled it for a while…

…the good news is that the - original- penny is in my tool box and will magically make it’s way into the turf in my secret location tomorrow… :cowboy:

Now, which player has the most Irish blood in him and can do the honours tomorrow and lend me a hand?..


Now where did I put my lucky pig's head?

Just had to throw this in:

I now assume we will all be treated to seeing Mark Bowden at the game Saturday with his now famous and I'm hoping, 'lucky' Tiger-Cat suit jacket :twisted:

Swung by the beer store the other day to pick up what they told me was the last 12 of Big Rock Traditonal in stock. LUCKY!

Can I bring it to the game?

Maybe "LUCKY LAGER" :lol:

Anyone need a rabbit's foot for the game ?


Yea… the rabbit does!!

I am getting out my new pair of lucky red socks (like this guy - recognize him?)

Oskee Wee Wee

That is a great idea. I guess we need all the luck we can get. You've inspired me to come up with a little something of my own. Stay tuned.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that the ‘lucky penny’ magically found it’s way into the turf today.:wink:

What do you have up your sleeve "Cats-4-ever’? share… :stuck_out_tongue:

This lucky penny thing will only work if you have the humility to bend down and pick up a discarded penny off the ground and then you have to seize the first opportunity regardless of who's there looking. That would start the magic spell. There should be plenty on the ground at Ivor Wynne. I don't think Bob would mind you picking one up.