Lucky Charms to beat Montreal.....

I know, I know......the veteran members here will be saying.....Oh no Mikey!.puhlease!..not again! :wink:

lol.....I agree! I'm taking a different approach here...

First, a bit of history...

A few years back (2004), the Ticats were in a 5 game losing skid so our dear friend "ChattyCat" and myself took it upon ourselves to sneak onto the field and bury a 'lucky penny' into the turf at centre field......We won!, to not tamper with fate, we got DJ Flick to take it to the next away game and bury it in their turf.....We won again!! DeeJ brings it back to us and we bury it at centre field again!......We Won again!!

I can't recall how it went from then on but we made sure it got buried for the game that Boreham nailed the 47 yard field goal to get us into the playoffs....and noone thought he could hammer that one through the uprights.....we knew better of course because he was standing right on our penny as he lined it up.......Bam!.....straight through with mileage to spare!.... :smiley: ...playoffs here we come!!

Okay, we know it had very little to do with the penny but it was fun for a while for us who still believe in Santa Claus too...

So if you believe in a little lucky charm for the team to turn this thing around, here's the linkl to the lucky "cyber" penny I am now using in my profile for this weekend's game against Montreal......wanna join me and add it to yours? :wink:

Go Cats! :cowboy:

Oh, and for those who don't know how to get an inmage into your "signature",copy the link I provided and then go to "profile".....

Go to the section that says "signature" and paste the link in between these two things you have to type in the window......

[ img] [ /img]

note:(no spaces anywhere)

then hit the 'submit' thingy..... :cowboy:

I like it Mikey but am having trouble getting it to work .

For the record...

Boreham hit the game winner from 47 against Edmonton... it was not to get us into the playoffs.

The game to get us into the playoffs was against Ottawa and we won on a turnover in OT.

Carry on.

See how the memory fades?.....but it was generally correct...Boreham was awesome in overtime that game to get us into the playoffs.....and the most important part?....the -lucky penny- still had some magic in it (or so ChattyCat and I like to believe anyhow...) :wink:

In overtime, Ottawa's Brian Holmes kicked a 16-yard field goal for a 17-14 lead on the Renegades' first possession. Tiger-Cats kicker Jamie Boreham tied the contest with a 42-yarder. He gave Hamilton a 20-17 lead with a 29-yarder on its second overtime possession.

And Justin picked up the fumble inches before it went out of bounds to seal the win if i do recall

Yup, I recall that moment now.....damn, that was a fun year! many good moments for us fans!

The front office, football side and all of us fans were all flying by the seat of our pants....and having a blast while doing it!..... To me, 2004 was one of my most memorable years as a Ticats fan..... :smiley:

I'm in... it can't hurt.. hopefully it helps

Yes Virginia.. there is a lucky penny!!

In the spirit of "naughty four", it's better to try something than sit there, eh Mikey.

I'm in. I'll even hit the "Submit" button on my Profile, just never "Submit" on the field....

Oskee Wee Wee

keep trying.....remember, copy and paste the link in mt first post and drop it in between these two things you're going to type....


(your link goes where I put the dots)

I'm in (I think).

(not sure I can do this - but here goes) ... We apparently need all the 'charms' we can get.

I think I have it and I am in .

Alright, mikey, I'll bite. Short of following you in a plunge over Niagara Falls, I'm willing to try just about anything for a win at this point!

Now that's the spirit!

(and right now, the watermain break on Upper James by Boston Pizza is rivalling Niagara Falls....) :roll:

Nice work 'Tiger Lady'..I knew you could do it! :thup:

I just fired the image into "Image Shack" so if anyone else wants the 'lucky penny', we won't be chewing up bandwidth from the original host site....

the new link is this: (for any new people who want the 'lucky charm') :wink:

Did anyone Notice it is a US Penny ???

can we bury a lucky loonie at centre field?

That was already done in hockey was it not? It worked though.