"Lucky Charms"......Ticats vs. Riders

Dang....forgot to start a new "lucky charms" thread last week and look what happened ! :lol:

Well, it worked for the Winnipeg game so let's try it one more time for the Riders game and see how it works out....

I only have one "lucky charm" to contribute to this game....a "lucky loonie" which is right now on an airplane heading west and will get buried in a football field somewhere in Regina.... :wink:

Ok, I'll be wearing my jersey while watching the game on TV also..... :cowboy:

How about you guys!......any "lucky charms" this week?

(note:....don't take anything in this thread too seriously......it's just a fun type thing for us fans to horse around with)

Don't know about lucky charms ,but I'm sleeping in this weekend so I'm fresh for all the late night CFL games on with starts at 10:PM (10:30?) in BC ....in Sask.

Going to need some caffeen.

Although we stand a good chance beating the Riders with Joseph hurt and not starting ,Marcus Crandell starts for the Green Machine Riders.

I am going to take all my accumulated souvenir clothing down to the lake and burn it while I skip those old Go Cats Go buttons out into the lake.
This should drive away all the evil spirits haunting us.
It will also make room for all the gold coloured souvenir items I will be buying next year.

I'm gonna eat a big pickle.
Cause that's who we're playing.

I’m not flying my TC flag on the front of the house…
Done it for five years every game except one…hmmmm

I still say that these threads are, "magically delicious."


Any more ideas for good strategies out there?

We need lots of good Kharma today to float over to Saskatchewan and descend on the Tiger-Cats :thup:


Maybe I will just shut my eyes and pray.

I'm cooking up a steak and home fries, buying some beer and drinking them out of my big TiCats mug.

Switching my Ticat cap and enjoying an Argo loss beforehand. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Flying flag...I'm powerless over it.

Well, before the Winnipeg game, I cut my hubby's hair all off.. maybe I have to cut my hair all off before tonight's game.

Ok.. not gonna happen. Maybe I'll actually wear my jersey for watching the game. :slight_smile:

this good news might help the cause too!

"Upon arriving in Regina on Friday, Holmes learned that Aug. 18 will mark an annual celebration for his family after wife Lakesha gave birth to the couple's second child, Chakriah, back home in Mississippi."

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Holmes and family...

Go Cats!

What? Didnt Holmes miss last weeks game to witness the birth of his child? Was his wife in labour for the past week or what? We could used him last week. It turns out he missed the birth anyways.