Lucky Charms for the Ticats game tonight.......

I'm going to open my beers with an old fashioned bottle opener and ignore the "twist" feature.....I'm also going to actually wear my Ticats Jersey while watching the TV....I've never done that before come to think of it....

think it will work? :lol:

How about you?....any "lucky charms" you plan on contibuting to the cause?


For the first time ever I did not wear any Ticat colours on game day. In fact I am wearing Blue.

Maybe I'll root for Peg as well and see what happens!! :wink:

I'm :rockin: GOING :rockin: to the game.... Think I might wear my jersey and hat backwards for the ole rally cap cliche`


I 've thought about not flying my Ti-Cat flag on my house ,but no ,I'm not superstitious ,but would it work...?

Any chance of you going to the game REALLY EARLY and putting a Hamilton loonie under the carpet at centre field?


I'm going to start drinking at noon instead of 1:30pm :smiley: Kidding. I'm thinking of buying a new Ticat shirt today since my old ones aren't bringing us any luck.

Hmmmm.... Can you email me a Hamilton loonie?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that's the only thing wrong with the plan.. the only thing I can think of is to go to their hotel, ask for Pusky or Ron L, (I'll give you a code word if you wish)
and they will cooperate.


MAN, if you have as weird a sense of humour as I do, just print a picture of any Hamilton fan ("LOONIE") in the archives and bury IT. Work done!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Actually, find a picture of Harold Ballard, that should do!!!!

I know we will win tonight, it’s a lucky day for sure. Thought I’d lost my wallet this morning, looked everywhere and just about gave up hope and then, voila, it got stuck behind my chair somehow and fell on the floor in the office and I found it.
Now hope this works also for the Cats and for the Super 7 tonight.

Switching from Steeler to Lakeport Light. If that doesn't work, my next choice is Lakeport Pilsener.

Wearing the same underwear from the 1986 Grey Cup. My voice might be a little high pitched. :oops:

[url=] ... /grey_cup/[/url]

Doubt your friends are coming over too eh?

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :(

Post of the month right there :lol:

Since the Cats won last year against Peg while I was camping at Elora ( I know they were at home and it was the first win). I reserved the same site. I will hang my jersey in the same spot, but listen to it this time on Sirius Satelite Radio.
[i][b]Oskie Wee Wee


im going to have my dog sit with me during the game and rub his cute little ears everytime jason takes a snap....

did i weird ya out yet.. :slight_smile: :rockin: :slight_smile:

BoxI if that doesnt work i dont know what will !!!!!!!

you weirded me out ages ago, you and most people on here. :lol: Just kiddin’ I love almost all of you. :thup:

This will be the first game this year I either won't be watching on TV or be in attendance :frowning:

I'm heading out around 3 for a cottage inside the Quebec border for the electricity and very little radio :frowning: ( 10 miles from Larder Lake )

Here's hoping that I can get the game on radio on the way up :thup:

I'll be wearing my Ticats Jersey! :rockin:

I haven't given up hope yet, I think we will have a good chance tonight and at least be a close game not a shut out. Besides as long as Toronto keeps losing the way they have been doing keeps me Happy.

At least when we played Montreal it was a close game not 31-7 that is pretty bad.

I will sit and watch the game say a little prayer and hope for the best.

Go Cats Go!!!!!

I will be wearing my black Ticat "H" cap. It is far less weatherbeaten than the Ticat flag proudly draped on my balcony, which has gone from a robust gold to a bleached yellow since the season began. The symbolism of this does not escape me! :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,