Lucas retiring.. forced or voluntary?

so I wonder.. did the Riders ask him to retire or did he do it himself without any help?

this does happen a lot where a player is deemed unusable and they try to convince them to retire and do something else or whatever.

so that's what I'm wondering..

Well, I guess its all speculate so I won'T get into it.

I liked this guy. He played hurt last year in the middle stretch. It supposedly slowedhimdown and caused sub-par play. A guy his size is asked to cover the Geroy's of the world so I credit Sean for that.

I'm sorry to see him go. He'd be 29 this season and I thought he had some gas left? But there were some rumours that his play was slipping and stuff like that. So perhaps, that enters his mind and he maybe figured its time to move on.

Remember, these guys get pounded. He's likely been playing for 20 years. He's likely been playing physical since his high school days.

All I know is when Lucas played well he was one of the best weak side backers around. I wish him well and sorry to see him go.

Real sorry to see him go. He was heart and soul.