Remember that Medlock is an import, so the team would need to decide which designated import to drop if they brought him in. And we don't have his holder anymore, so he'd have to train another lefty holder.

And that leads to where Congi's problem probably lies - Fantuz being out means Bartel is holding for him. It takes a while to get comfortable with a new holder. If he's still having trouble in a few weeks with either Fantuz back or more experience with Bartel, then the team will need to look at other options. But I suspect they'll look to their PR/IR first.

Congi is losing his confidence. Austin won't pull him for that reason. Just like he didn't pull Lamar when Lamar had fumblitis. Austin know what he Congi can do. He will come around when it counts.

You can be sure that at least part of the issue is the his main holder (Fantuz) is injured the last two games where Luca has struggled. Without all three aspects of a FG being near perfect it will almost always fail. You need a perfect snap, hold and kick. It's impossible to have a perfect kick if one of the first two mess up.

We know Scott is a good snapper. I only caught bits of the game on TV yesterday and didn't see who was holding in place of Fantuz. Anyone notice who it was?

The team has a total of 4 kickers (although Bartel is just a punter) so I am sure it will get sorted somehow.



No need to shout!!! but when I start hearing comparisons between Congi and Mr.Every excuse in the book(Wind was blowing,the holder farted,I got a tummy ache etc.etc.) then this thread is totally getting out of hand,utterly ridiculous!! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Fantuz being out might play a roll, but Fantuz was in there when Congi doinked that one off the upright in Week 1 against the Argos, so I'm not sure if a new holder is entirely to blame for Congi's struggles.

But if you look at last year, that was looked to just be a big year that Congi has every once and a while. Most of the time he's around 75% kicker, so he went on a tremendous run last year, but I think to expect that again was wishful thinking.

are you people defending Congi serious?
He has missed an easy FG in each game this year, he missed two yesterday, why are you defending him? He had a good % last year because we were scared to use him from over 45 so he should be hitting everything and this year he just looks like a mess. I really hope we throw him on the IR this week and give Brody Mcknight a chance to see what he can do.

Those are both horrible stats to use.
He is 6 of 10 which puts him at 60% the lowest percentage besides Waters who has only kicked 2 fg’s. The only kicker besides Congi to miss more than one kick is Palardy who is currently at 2 misses half of Congi.

Why are people in love with this guy? He doesn’t have a big leg and now he is missing easy chip shots.

Only other options are Brody pro stats...55 games at Montana,59 of 87 fgs.(29 misses),21 of 28 his senior year. Lauther (9 gm.IL)no pro experience.Congi...7th %80.3,longest fg..55yds(6 seasons longest fg. per season..53,50,55,49,54,48)957 career total points.Nuff Said!!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

How is that Nuff said...
Everyone is a rookie / kid at one point so if you like them they need to make the jump. Saying that if what we have isnt good enough the coaches will have to find someone better that isn't on the roster. Do you remember how quickly DeAngelis fell apart?

The last time I looked there is more to kicking field goals than just the kicker himself. :roll:

We have "OZZY" and a a few other coaches to look at film and see what is wrong. I think "their opinion" trumps our's. :wink:

I don't care for the title of this thread...perhaps something a little more "appropriate" might be..."what's the problem with the field goal misses"? Perhaps someone who taped the game could see if their was something causing Luca to miss. You can bet that Ozzy knows what it is and if something or someone can do a better job...we will have them.

Never liked or cared for DeAngelis and his piss poor attitude,from the day we signed him.I never heard a more whiny crybaby,excuse player in my life,nothing was ever his fault(wind blowing the wrong way,shoe lace untied,weather bad..blah! blah! blah! wah! wah! wah! If not mistaken cost us at least 2-3 regular season games as well as the East Semi's.One of the worst free agent signings in team history.Who knows really? you could be right Makaveli,after all I recall in 86 a raw rookie goes by the nickname of "OZZIE" turned out O.K. :slight_smile: Lets see what Congi can do in the next couple of games(playing his former team)who knows ? maybe that will spark him,if not then maybe give the kid a shot!! Nuff Said :slight_smile: Fair Enough :slight_smile:

You aced it Woody. Ozzy (my God the guy is BIG) will fix it for us. It sure is a great thing none of the posters here have any decision making capabilities with the actual team.