Luca Congi stinks, he missed two critical field goals tonight up close in a close game that for the first three quarters could have gone either way? I said at the start of the year, why not get Justin Medlock back when he was cut by the Panthers but many fans said I was crazy we had Luca Congi a great kicker, well, where is the great kicker now?? The only good guy we have is Josh Bartel our punter if could place kick it would be great?

we won,

go drink...

more than you already have...

stop being crazy,

rethink position on this...

check back in the morning.... (maybe a couple mornings from now)


Or next thread just might read....BIGCAT HAS TO GO!!! :slight_smile:


Congi has been one of the bright spots this season...

He made an FG that counted...

where was this dood when Boreham was missing 17 yarders?

just a guess...probably finishing his 3rd year in 6th grade!! :wink:

Dumb Thread :cowboy:

KABOOM!!! :cowboy:

would you expect anything less from BIGCAT??? :roll: :stuck_out_tongue: :o

Dumb F******* thread move on, Ozzie has this under control....

Big cat I agree with you , bring back Medlock who was easily the best field goal kicker we had in a long time . I have been following the cats since 1971 and have been to the last 28 grey cups and I read the forums daily. and when the one person says he has been one of our bright spots do you even watch the game. He missed a 34 field goal against Toronto which if he would have made then we would have only had to kick a field goal at the end to win the game , Also he missed a field goal to start the Edmonton game which would have gave us momentum to start the game and tonight he missed two field goals which would have put us up by 9 not 5 at the end of the game . Also his kickoffs are terrible never reaching the end zone giving the other team instant field position. And you fans disagree with Bigcat .

Where's Sandro DeAngelis when you need him?

There is a reason BRODY MCKNIGHT is with us....ozzy must be seeing something in congi's game that he is very concerned with...we now have 3 place kickers on our cant have a kicker that misses EASY field goals like congi has the past few games.

Doesn’t Luca get a pass since Fantuz (his primary holder) has missed a couple of games? Bartel has been Fantuz’s replacement in the interim and he’s apparently never done this job before.

my thoughts exactly. It does look like Luca is missing some easy FGs but if you're not familiar with (or comfort yet) with the guy who is spotting the ball for you then your timing may be off just enough to turn those once taken-for-granted points into misses......give him a break. If this continues when Fantuz returns then yes, I'd say there is a problem but until then.....

If Medlock was available I'd take him back in a heartbeat.

Luca Congi was second in kicking points in the league last season. The man is second so far this season. He misses a couple of FG`s in a game???!!!

You can go hire who you wish. I`m staying with Luca.

The fact that Fantuz his holder is out is a great point kicker.
I really feel we should cut Congi some slack on this FFS!
Wasn't Fantuz his holder in Sask. to?

Medlock is available.
He is a FA after being released by Panthers and clearing waivers.

Love Medlock, although Congi will most certainly get back on track.

Great point, Gentlemen.

It is about timing and co-ordination with all three (kicker, holder and snapper). Replace one and there could be issues. Im not sure if this was factored in, but there should be practice time for the backup too, and maybe some semi regular playing time so that the substitution in the future goes more smoothly. If that was indeed the problem last night. Fantuz has been out for a couple of games. Didnt Bartel hold for Congi last game?