Luca Congi.

Unsung hero in my opinion. I've become spoiled by his talents and actually had little doubt in LC making those two ridiculous field goals Sunday. Unless either the 54 yarder off the cross bar or the last 35 yarder into the Taylor Field swirling wind were missed it's hard to put their magnitude into perspective, missing either of those two kicks could have easily sent this teams playoff mojo into the gutter..

I didn't realize there was a Congi thread already started .....delete please.....

Wednesday, Oct. 22
Taken from Rod Pedersens Blog. Luca Congi is named special teams player of the week.........Congrats Luca.

Congi is having an awesome year and the special teams player of the week is well deserved!

I believe that Congi is underrated by a lot of people. Right now he has the best FG %, yet most point to Duval or D’Angelis as better kickers. I say Congi’s numbers are proof that he is the best kicker in the league.

I wonder how long a field goal Congi could kick in 100k winds?

By the sounds of the weather forcast, we might find out tonight. Calling for 80 KM winds at kickoff.

Congrats to Luca on being named Special Teams Player of the Month :thup: