Luca Congi

I just thought Luca deserves to be talked about. He's having a great season. You gotta love this guy and the energy he brings!

Best completion average in the leagus. 88% I believe. Thats counting the one where they tried to one side it.

Good post. I was thinking just the other day how he is an unsung hero this year. He has clearly gotten over his propensity to miss the under 30 yarders that plagued him a bit last year and has been very, very reliable. He may not be at the top of the scoring leaders but it's certainly not because he misses much - we just score too many touchdowns that there is less need for field goals!! :lol:

good overdue thread, when your doing well, no one tends to speak of it in Saskatchewan, but if you're blowing it, that's all you hear.

I got him to sign my hat!

I told him "Keep hammerin' 'em through!"

He said, "Thanks man, that means a lot. I will."

Thryllin, are you the good looking one in the pic? Ahh, nope! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :thup: Just toying with ya buddy.