Luca Congi Appreciation thread

One name that seems to be absent during all our talk about the team is CONGI! The guy is 6/7 this year and whenever he steps up to make a kick, I dont really worry at all. Congi brings a sense of stability that a lot of us thought we may lose when Medlock bolted to go kick for Mr. Newton's team. However he has benefited from an outstanding offence who has decided early in the season that 6 points is better than 3. Lets hope Luca can keep splitting the uprights with same consistency as he has in the first 5 games for the next 13! :thup:

(We shall not discuss his kickoffs...that is another discussion for a different thread. Field Goal kicking only! :wink: )

He has been soild for us and as long as we can keep the ball close to the red zone he will be fine. Not sure if he can make those 45+ yarders with consistancy but the longer he does not have to the better

Good on field goals, but not a fan of his kick offs. Too high and short.

I’d welcome Medlock back in a heartbeat.

Keep Congi, forget Medlock.

Appreciation threads don't get much attention around here.

I like Luca. Loved his big tackle. I won't think of what to do about Medlock unless it happens.

People have to realize that Medlock is gone. Yes he was money... but he's no longer a Tiger-Cat. Congi is doing a great job. Good on him!

Congi has only had to attempt seven field goals in five games. Even Swayze Waters, who has played fewer games, has attempted more FGs. There is not much that can be said about his field goal kicking yet. As I understand this team leads the league in TDs, we have not needed to rely Congi to kick FGs. But he has done well on kicking FGs so far, and hopefully that one miss will be considered an aberration.

My thoughts as well.

He is doing what is asked of him but I will close my eyes if he's asked to kick a 52 yarder with the game on the line until he proves himself as a long kicker.


If we do get Medlock back, we would also release Bartel. That would free up another Canadian roster spot.

That would also mean one less import position player, which I'm not sure we can afford.

8) Exactly right, "jordan02", Some people just don't get the import ratio !! :roll:
 I wonder what import some of these people want to give up, to bring Medlock back ???

  Are they willing to give up a starting import, for another Canadian back up player ??

Medlock is a difference maker, you make room for someone like that.

Moot point anyhow, I doubt he’ll be coming back.

Pot, meet kettle. You do realize there are two parts to the import rule, one which deals with roster spots and one that deals with starters? And that kickers do not count toward the starter count?

Replacing a non-import kicker with an import means that one of the three designated imports (imports 17 to 19) would be used by that kicker. All this means is that there would be one fewer imports that could be used on special teams chasing down the returner or blocking for his own, and as a backup.

More than likely, this would be an import backup LB would need to be replaced with a non-import LB.

Medlock over Congi? Not sure.

I'm happy with Congi. He's reliable and a Waterloo-born lad.
I was happy to see Medlock with us too but always had the concern that he would be in the NFL the first chance he got.....contract or not. Can't blame him for that though.

At some time in the furue the Cats will need to try a 45 - 50 yard field goal. I don't believe Congi has the leg strength for long field goals or kick-offs. If the article about Medlock is true, it appears the Cats were $5,000.00 away from signing one
of the most accurate kickers to wear the black and gold for three years.

8) Since when do kickers, be it non import or import, not count against your so called starter count ?????
 Check the rules, if we presently have 2 non-import kickers that do count against the 42 man roster, as far as Canadian
 players go, pray tell why does an import kicker NOT count against the import roster ???

  Kickers do indeed count against the 42 man  roster, whether they are Canadian or import.

  Pot, meet kettle back to you !!!

The starter count is not the 42-man roster, the starter count is the 23 players who start on offense and defense minus the quarterback (whose nationality does not count). Out of those 23 players, seven must be Canadian. Kickers do not count in that total. Everything CFIO said was correct.

I'm assuming they don't "count" because you'd most likely use them as one of your designated imports???

I myself am only just learning the actual rule, had always just assumed a simple ratio was needed until recently. This thread had me finally trying to figure it out in full... the best explanation is here:

[url=] ... mport-rule[/url]

If my understanding is correct, 3 imports can be put on the roster who are only allowed to play special teams. Those 3 players may play on offense/defense only by replacing another import permanently, ie, the replaced player would not be allowed to play the rest of the game.
It also appears that the rules specify a 25 yard penalty for fielding one of these players illegally. In my 20+ years of watching CFL football, I have never seen a penalty called for this. Anybody?

So, back to the topic at hand, Medlock's immediate affect on the ratio is we'd need to play an extra non-import on special teams and that guy would probably end up having to back up an import?

Further to Blogskee Wee Wee's summary of the import rules, the complete rules are included in the CFL Players Association Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 23, p. 62-63.
Not exactly the clearest set of rules - it definitely took a while to get my head around them.

And trust me, you're not the first - or last - person to misuse the term "starter". Not a huge deal - once. :wink:

Kickers don't count against the starter count because they don't play on offence or defence. But they do count against the 42-man roster. So an import kicker would end up as one of the three designated imports.

The three DIs can play on any special teams play (which is never actually defined anywhere, oddly enough), and can play on offence or defence only if another import comes out for that play. They can enter the game without an import coming out for that play, but only if an import on the other side of the ball comes out for the rest of the game.

And I don't remember the penalty ever being called.

Replacing Congi with Medlock would mean we'd have one fewer import and one extra non-import available for special teams and as a backup; however, as he can fill both kicking and punting roles, it really means we'd have one fewer import and two extra non-imports for ST and as backups. Unfortunately, it would mean we'd need a dual role backup for him on the reserve. Stala could be his backup to complete a game, with the actual backup activated for the next game - what we did last year with Maveety.

As I said earlier, I'm not sure I'd make the switch, mainly because I haven't really seen what Congi can do, so I don't have total confidence in him yet.