Luc Mullinder

I can't argue that one

We have a lot of trouble keeping contain and it drives me nuts, particularly inside the 10-yard line when it seems like every QB and his one-legged brother has run a TD in off a zone read play. Sinclair has to do better with our ends. Aggression is fine when it's controlled, not when you just come crashing down on the running back without making sure mobile QBs like Burris aren't going to beat you to the outside.

If we are reduced to adding "in my opinion" every time we post
It would get tedious in the extreme
Almost everything written in this forum is someone's opinion
Stating it is redundant

The word "posters" is far too generic
"Bozos" was exactly the word I was looking for

Still...thanks for your corrections
Every little bit helps

Sorry Senior, I just don't think it is appropriate to label as a "bozo" anyone who doesn't happen to share your opinion.

Avec tout le respect que je voue à notre ami Senior, dont j'apprécie la majorité des commentaires (ce qui ne veut pas dire que je sois toujours d'accord avec lui), j'appuie cette remarque de notre ami MadJack. Évidemment, si quelqu'un abuse de la reprise des commentaires des autres simplement pour garnir le forum de messages portant son nom, je serais parmi ceux qui protesteraient de ce procédé. Mais dans la mesure où il n'y a pas d'abus, cette tribune en est d'abord une pour échanger nos vues, et le fait de signaler son approbation ou sa réprobation est une façon acceptable de s'y exprimer, quitte à devoir préciser sa pensée par la suite.

Inasmuch as I did not name anyone "bozo" but merely qualified the thought as pertaining to one who belongs to the subset...I fail to see the problem.
I have expressed myself in detail as to the qualities and values of an Eric Wilson
As well as what I perceive to be the real problems...both on the defensive line...and on our defence in general

However...rather than discuss in equal detail and with appropriate rationale...merits both of my contentions and of the specific subjects at hand.....various elements continue to pursue vague campaigns that smack of vendettas and innuendos more than reasoned arguments.
This happens with annoying frequency....the usual culprits piling on with hand-wringing glee, and back-slapping joviality.

I'd have little or no problem with any of it...again...if there was any kind of rational argument presented.
But simply mentioning someone's name and declaring him a "problem" is disrespectful both to a professional athlete and to those who read these pages expecting more.
Pitchforks and torches are for b-movies and horror flicks.
And misguided and dubiously funded political movements.

I am well within my rights in qualifying those who participate as "bozos"
I'm not naming any names
Still...if you see someone you recognize....mirrored in the inadequacy of my words
Hopefully I've done some good.

Go Als!

There's never been any statement that has done more harm than the peevish contention that one has a right to one's opinion.
Granted...we all have a right to believe what we want
But an opinion is a belief expressed
If one is incapable or unwilling to preset a reasoned argument substantiating said opinion
Then one automatically forsakes any "rights" in the matter

Agree with you on this one.

He`s back........!!!

I guess we`ll have to trust Jim Popp on this one - Canadian DL depth as well as special teams help.

Definitely an off-season focus on defense. Reading Reinebold`s tweets certainly gives me the impression he will be a much stronger leader than Tibesar was.

We also signed Chris Davis (5'10", 181 lbs.) was drafted in the fourth round by the Tennessee Titans in the 2007 NFL Draft after his five-year collegiate career at Florida State. In his first two seasons in the NFL, he played in 17 games and made seven catches for 69 yards. He also returned 33 punt for 299 yards and six kickoffs for 156 yards. The 28-year-old St. Petersburg, FL native also played with the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Giants as well as with the UFL’s Hartford Colonials and Omaha Nighthawks.

The Alouettes also announced that they have released non-import defensive lineman Ryan Lucas.

There will be alot of competition at camp this year....hurry up football its soooooooo boring!!!! :rockin:


I can't see Mullinder as anything other than a backup for Bekasiak, at this point. If we plan on starting Luc at defensive end for ratio reasons, ugh.

With twitter and other social media these days the last place we look for Als news these days is their website, but that`s where it is.

[url=] ... -and-davis[/url]


And this isn't obviously the same Chris Davis we had a few years ago, right? This guy looks like an ex-NFL kick returner to me.

As a Rider fan I have watched Mullinder play for 8 years. He is an underrated player, and not only that, last season, when they put him at end for a couple of games (for the first time in his career), he was the Riders' best end (although I know that's not saying much), but it shows that he has versatility.

He was always very popular in the locker room from all accounts that I have heard, and in my opinion was just another one of Taman's scapegoats, just like Kornegay/Marshall/Berry.

As for how Montreal will use him, he is an excellent backup for Bekasiak, that does not burn a DI. He is also fairly quick for his size and is a solid special teamer. Perhaps in a very badly mismanaged and woeful Sask defense he could be moved to end if needed, but on a good team like the Als, do not worry, he will not need to play end.

The coaching staff just got together for a week in North Carolina and this signing comes on the heels of it. My guess is that one of the coach on defense requested him. Seems like a good guy.

And it`s funny but doing some lurking shows that some Rider fans are high on Ryan Lucas based on some of his 2010 play.

Hard for Als fans to form an opinion on him either way as he never really was given a chance here.

Interesting take. Thanks for that perspective. I'm not down on Mullinder, incidentally. I was just a little worried that he'd be starting at end, but the more likely scenario is that he back ups or rotates with Bekasiak.