Lawrence Taylor is the original LT, and that is that

Right on!

When I saw the title, I thought the same thing! :wink:

My brother was saying the same thing during the Colts/Chargers game. :lol:

No offense to the original LT. If I had the choice, I would take the new LT on my team way before the old LT.

you would actually pass up the chance to have the greatest defensive player of all time on your team? Ladanian Tomlinson is good, but no where near the greatest running back of all time. I would take the greatest defensive player of all time over maybe a top 100 offensive player of all time any day.

I prefer LDT for the RB.

Are you serious? LaDanian Tomlinson is going to go down as a top 3,4 RB of all timeā€¦


And I would take Reggie White over Lawrence Taylor

...Reverend White would definately make my all star team, but pound-for-pound Lawrence Taylor is the player that I choose first to build a defensive squad around...he was a freaking psychotic animal on the pass rush....what he did to defensive schemes can be measured against what Bill Walsh did for offensive schemes....there is no current player that can fill his shoes, and he gets to stand in the same place as guys like Butkus and Singletary....maybe even above them....if I was Mr Tomlinson, I'd be asking the media to not use that nickname for me, please choose a new one guys....

But Lawerence Taylor liked his drugs, which isnt something I would want on my team, not that kind anyways lol. He is a great person now, but as a GM or owner, I wouldnt want to have mr cornerstone of my Defense like that. Im not saying he wasnt the best player, Im just saying I would take Reggie White over him.

And LaDanian Tomlinson is great because he is real humble. I cant believe the crap he is taking over being injured.

you just flat out hate the Giants. and Reggie White was great, but he did not change offensive game plans like Lawrence Taylor did. Lawrence Taylor is the reason left tackles get payed so much

That's hilarious. My brother was saying the same thing. He said if he was Tomlinson, he wouldn't feel comfortable with people calling him LT. :lol:


Im pulling for the Giants soo much you have no idea.

And left tackles get paid so much because most of the time, that is the QB's blind side.

I find it funny that two people that are debating who is better, one of them wasn't alive (or he was in diapers) to ever watch LT play, and the other was about 4 or less when he retired.

As an aside I never really watched him either. I never got into the NFL until I was 16ish. Did watch a lot of Reggie though.

Just find that funny.

Is this a Lily Tomlin thread?

Well I've been a Giant's fan since the 80's and if you saw the REAL LT play in those days there'd be no question about it. He was spectacular and had a fire in his eyes when he played. He's a Hall Of Famer and that's not for no reason. The entire team was awesome back then.

And there's no way there should be another LT in the NFL...I find it highly disrespectful.