LT Thompson out for the season

OUCH ! The Esks just lost there top Olineman in LT Orrin Thompson. Voted as the teams most outstanding OLineman last year in his first CFL season but came with a wealth of pro experience in the NFL and UFL. In finally getting his chance to play a full pro season as a starter he did not dissapoint.
The Question now is who is going to fill the one spot that they were sure of on the Oline.
This may speed up the process of turning having an all Canadian Line Right now Scott Mitchell may be the best OT that they have and while he may have been on the fast track to start at RT over Matt O'Donell the Esks could go with both at the OT position and give them some training under fire.
Former NFL Lions Draft pick Johnny Culbreath is still very young and very talented and lost his NFL job do to a drug arrest.
He made it across the Border to TC so if he has his act together he could be a steal for the Esks.
Will be interesting to see how it unfolds. A lot of talent there at OT but very young.