LT Jake Olson done for the season

15 yards for piling on...HOLY injuries. LT is the most important position on the OL.
Olson was playing very steady ball for the Cats. He will be missed.

Thank god we have Figueroa available and ready to step in. It's a shame about Olson,he was in my estimation having an All-star worthy campaign this season. He will most definitely be missed,no doubt about it.

Regardless of what happens to OT's, there are always lots available with enough talent to start. OT requires the least transition time, and with the trade of Simmons, you can be sure they will sign another OT soon for depth.

Still though... Olson was playing very well. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Also, maybe rather than dressing near 10 LB's, they could replace Caldwell with a 3rd proper OT on the game day roster. Rice is a G, and has no business at OT. Totally different positions in every way.

It Zach we have worry about Cause we don’t have a Vet backup
If Zach is gone the Ticat season is majorly in doubt

I feel bad for Olson but we have Backup at OT

And there's a separate thread for his injury, just as there is a separate thread for Banks' injury.

unless your qb is left handed :wink:

just doesn't seem fair, atleast we have a bye week to plan and get healthy :thup:

8) You can't count on the health of Figueroa, he plays one or two games, then he is out on the IL for 4 more games !!
  Not very dependable at all....long term !!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Drew mentioned in a tweet that Austin has a phone number on speed "Dile"...

True, unfortunately true, it makes one wonder if maybe perhaps the team trading away our best lineman from last year that being the versatile Brian Simmons in hindsight was a big mistake. Speaking of oft injured players Drew E has mentioned that the team is thinking of re-signing ex-Cat Marc Dile who failed in his attempt to catch on with the Bombers this season in FA. Dile was here for 3 seasons but outside of being a starter in his first season was usually ILed the better part of his last two years here and was rarely in the lineup come game day even when he was healthy.

Dile's AFL rights were held by Tampa Bay, but he was a no show to their camp. That was well after the Bombers cut him.

Maybe he's holding out for another CFL opportunity, since the pay is better. I mean really... who wants to play mini-football when you can play big boy ball?

A CFL end zone is about the same size as an entire AFL field.

AFL ? Arena League ? So basically Dile hasn't played a lick of football this season for anybody. The only reason I can think of the team being interested in him is perhaps the fact that Austin is familiar with him and Dile is still familiar to the team and basically he could be a quick fix if nothing else comes about. The team currently doesn't have any other import O-Linemen on the roster listed on the PR or 1 gm IL. At the moment the only 2 imp O-L on the team are Lewis and Figueroa , up to a couple weeks ago before the trading of Simmons the team had a total of 4 imp O-L at their disposal on the roster.

Of course I meant the Arena League...

Let's put it this way... Dile is 100x the OT that Landon Rice is.

That's the exact reason, bobo.

I just want to clarify that I am not down on Rice in general, just as a OT. He's a OG, and has looked good there in the limited time he has played this year at OG.

They kept Rice over Rockhill, but Rice is an interior guy, so keep him there.

Even with Rice and Holley on the same side the edge was still very vulnerable. OT are the athletes of the OL, and G and C are the beef. If you put beef on the edge, you get cooked.

Figueroa has played LT for us in the past,my guess is that unless something drastic happens during the bye week (NFL cuts or waiver signing or possible trade ) that we will see an O-Line with Figueroa at LT,Lewis at RT and hopefully a fully recovered Bomben back as the starting RG lining up with Filer-C and Dyakowski-LG as the starting 5 against the Stampeders. Now who lines up behind center ? that is the BIG Million dollar question at this moment.

They will also need to bring in someone to replace Figs as the depth OT. My guess is Dile.

I am sure Tillman will be flying in some NFL OT cuts for a look see.

My guess is Mathews. Austin named him #2 for a reason

Seems to me that I saw recently where the teams can begin their extended PR for 30 days pretty much anytime now, so adding an OL player or maybe two for a longer look see is a possibility.

canadianfootballfan, one again you are WRONG!