Loyalty to Jones not reason for mass coaching exodus in EDM

The untold story behind the exit of Chris Jones' coaching staff

[b]According to a CFL coach who has worked with members of Jones’ staff in the past, there was a very significant – and previously undiscussed – element to the mass exodus. According to this source, only eight days after Chris Jones had accepted the dual role in Saskatchewan, his assistant coaching staff, many of whom had not made final decisions to stay or go, found out they were not being paid on Dec. 15, discovering they would not be compensated for the two weeks subsequent to winning the Grey Cup, even though they were still employed by the club.

When the assistant coaches inquired, they were told that the instruction of non payment came directly from Eskimos GM Ed Hervey. Incensed, any doubt about how many would follow Jones to Saskatchewan was eliminated immediately. Not only did Stephen McAdoo, Craig Dickenson, Jarious Jackson, Mike Scheper, Ed Philion, Phillip Lolley and Jason Shivers accept offers to join Jones in Regina, but the Riders organization “made them whole,? by agreeing to pay them for the entire month of December.[/b]

[url=http://edmontonjournal.com/sports/football/cfl/edmonton-eskimos/all-or-nothing-the-untold-story-behind-the-exit-of-chris-jones-staff]http://edmontonjournal.com/sports/footb ... ones-staff[/url]

Odd to see the CFL’s lackadaisical take on contracts affect coaches this time. They’re usually pretty iron clad.

Makes Hervey look even worse than he usually does, if they were owed money in their contracts and he didn’t pay it because he wanted them out the door for the new guy.

Douchey move by Hervey! :roll: This man has no shame. He poaches coaches from other teams, and he treats his own like crap.

Why is that Hervey's decision? I know he decides who coaches and what not but if it's in the contract which it certainly would be I'd hope than how could he just get away with saying nope. I am not sure if coaches receive bonuses much like players do during playoffs but that is a bull**** move from the Eskimos, the board of directors should have stepped in immediately. Weird this all comes out now as well, like 7 months after all of this went down.

Yup no shame and a Douche alright, it sounds like he would be a perfect fit for the Alouette organization. :slight_smile:

yeah double douchey move by Hervey.

...and a big reason why clubs flush with cash like the Riders can afford to offer a FULL months pay to an entire coaching staff for no services rendered.

The anonymous coward who was the "source" for this story is full of sh!t. You'd think the no name hack who wrote this "article" would have checked his facts - - but I suppose that's why he's working in the middle of nowhere.

Jones and his assistants already had everything orchestrated and knew they'd all be going to Regina - - long before December 15. This is public knowledge that Jones himself confirmed.

So basically I told them [b]'the rumour on the street is there could be an opportunity for us so raise your hand if you're interested in going'. [u]And they all raised their hand [/u][/b]and I said 'okay let's roll'. [url=http://www.rodpedersen.com/2016/01/meet-chris-jones.html]http://www.rodpedersen.com/2016/01/meet ... jones.html[/url]

Oh you rascal! Don't make Johnny start another poll on the Ticats! :smiley:

Hardly one to defend Hervey, and I should have included him when I asked, in another thread, why some people like Duron Carter and Shawn Lemon are given the benefit of the doubt despite their history.


The timing on this does seem weird. Can Hervey just tear up a contract like that? All these guys bent over and didn't say a word? Even if Sask took care of them ultimately, wouldn't you be tempted to expose Hervey for what he is?

I question this whole thing a little bit.

Much in the same way that you're a perfect ambassador for the Ti Cats organisation.

Wow! It's getting harder and harder to like Ed Hervey as a GM :thdn: .

Gee Thanks for the compliment Phil :thup: :smiley:

It's definitely weird that it took so long to come out but it's also a small league. If guys were taken care of by the Riders, they could have made the entirely rational decision to not burn bridges on the way out by exposing it.

There's relatively few places to work as a CFL coach. If you get paid somehow, do you want to be known as the guy who torched Edmonton in the media, even if you're in the right? Good luck getting a job there ever again, even if Hervey's gone. Whistleblowers don't tend to be popular people inside organizations or leagues.

You realize your team employs Eric Tillman.

Has nothing to do with the title of this topic. Hervey knew he was being played so he cut them loose and had the Riders President pay them while they were already working for the Riders. Hervey is nicer than I am. I would have given them no ring and have the team take the 100k saved and given it to a community organization with an apology.

First of all that is Not what happen at all. The Edmonton Journal!! 50% right on a normal day!!!!!

Fact!! If the coaches were to sign a new deal they Would Have Been paid in full with bonuses.
Saskatchewan gave each coach a big raise and that deal was done when JONES jumped over.
The deal was announced two weeks later.
You own a home in Edmonton and like the ESKY operation. Your going to quite and leave for 2 weeks PAY!!
But a 30% increase in Salary might motivate you. New coach coming, you might be replaced any way.
Hervey new they were leaving so why pay them if there gone and deal done under the table.

And it’s getting easier to like and respect Jones. Looks like the Riders are a lot better team this year. I liked the feature on Jones the other night on TSN he’s well respected, well liked, great coach and assistants want to follow him. :roll:

Respect! Hardly.

Jones is the Coach that would not bring his team out for our National Anthem and also refused to shake hands with the opposing coaches at the end of games.
He negotiated with TOR while still under contract with CGY and negotiated with SSK while still under contract with EDM
Not a great way to earn respect. :roll:

You are correct.

Jones is a total fraud. The guy goes nuts if a player is talking while standing in line to get signed in for training camp, but he does nothing when players don't line up for the anthem.

And who could forget how he refused to allow any Eskimo players to attend a charity event for disabled children, as the team had done for many years.

This is pestilence fighting famine. :lol: