Loyalty, logic and change.

I've been around this game for years and not simply as a spectator, and dare I say it. Loyalty should never prevail over logic. The Argos are an aged team that is in desperate need of a youthful injection. I have a lot of respect for the veteran players, but a team must maintain a reasonable ratio of young and veteran players. The Argos have not been responsible to the team or fans in this matter. Simply look at the QB situation. Damon Allen is a hero in this game, but he should respectfully understand that his role should now be that of a teacher and should proudly help bring along a young QB as a mentor and a backup. The Argos need to find a good young QB as well. Bishop is 31, but plays like a player with little or no pro experience. Clemons loyalty in him is a problem and if he can not get past it he too may need to be replaced. Coaches can be friendly with players, but can not be their friends, at least not while they are still players. I'm actually glad to see McMahon given a chance, but I'd like to see them acquire a good rookie QB with a good vet like Allan so the kid can learn. Bishop is not a guy I would want mentoring one of my quarterbacks. I do not mean to disrespect any of the veterans, but the team as a whole needs younger bodies in key positions. Knowledge helps, but slow and steady does not win at football. At least not at a consistent and championship contending level. The Argos have kept some of these vets around so long that trades may not even be options any more, but if there are teams interested in a few vets, it's time to rebuild with some youth, because simply being non-losing team doesn't cut it. Be a contender or simply don't be.

Paragraphs are your friend. And if by meaning we need a younger team. Why not call our selfs the ti-cats and go 0-4 :slight_smile: They got a young team. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Argos did inject youth in 3 key places on defence over the off season. Eric England, Clifford Ivory & Antonios Bonner were all let go & replaced with players under age 30 (Riall Johnson, Kalil Carter & Willie PileAdrian Mays.

Not to worry about Bishop being 31. Most qb's don't hit their stride until age 30 or so anyway. As for how he plays, his td to int ratio & qb rating is far better than someone with little or no pro experience...

Dogshade, you don't win with rookies. I'm surprised that a person who has been around the game for years and not just as a spectator wouldn't know that.
I didn't see anybody in the Argo camp that they should have kept instead of one of their "aged" veterans. Some of these "old" guys are still pretty good.

Allen needs to start, look at Sunday's game...McMahon stinks.