Loyal fan but very frustrated

:) :) :) :)

O-Kay, Earlier this week I posted that I would not post anything negative.

I wear my Ticat jersey (#28 LUMSDEN) quite often and my Ticat hat almost everywear I go. People are always making sarcastic comments to me like "How 'bout those cats" and thigs of that sort.

Yeah sure they may be in a losing streak and down spin rihgt now ~ BUT ~ IMO, they'll hit a winning streak just as the other weak eastern teams are starting to take a dive. I see improvement in every game.
Ticats will leapfrog past Montreal and Toronto and end up in second place to make the playoffs.

Then we'll see who's laughing.

It's not the first 5 games of the season that determine your success for the season as much as the last 5 games going into the playoffs..

By then, watch out.

I just wanted to add to my original post at the top of this thread.
Our defense has been inflicting some really heavy damage on the other teams.
This could be in our favour the next time we have to play them. (Cal, Tor, Mont, B.C, Win,)
We have younger players and can endure the hits better.