Lowry signing unreal money

A 3 year deal worth $100 million. Hmm, if MLSE can afford to pay one player this amount of money, maybe they can provide more affordable tickets for their fans that don't have much money to be able to attend games. Hey, good for Lowry, I would gladly take this money and run to the bank, that's for sure. :o

Earl - I agree. There is SO MUCH money in basketball right now with their new TV deal - they could almost make tickets to their games free and still make money and pay their players VERY well.

Compared to other sports the expenses - other than individual salaries are way smaller. Football, baseball and hockey all have MUCH bigger rosters plus there are way higher equipment expenses related to those sports compared to a ball and a couple of baskets which is basically all you need for basketball. Plus even though the NBA teams do have a minor league they help finance in reality the NCAA is their minor league and NBA doesn't have to pay for that - unlike hockey and baseball.

Curry just signed a 5 year $201 million dollar deal with Golden State. An average of over $40 million per year. He makes about the same amount each year in endorsements. That's $80 million a year! That's beyond ridiculous.

I didn't realize basketball is that well off but it makes sense with those details. :o

$100 mill and Lowry isn't even their best player... wonder how much Derozan will command...

DeRozan signed a 5 year $139 million contract just last season.

I bet that is re-negotiated

Possibly - but at the time he signed it - just one year ago - it was the second largest ever NBA contract at that time. So hard to argue he was underpaid and he did commit to 5 years.

Unless he's an ass, I don't think he'll try and renegotiate that deal, DeRozan that is.