Lowest of the Low

It doesn't get much worse than this.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/story/2012/11/08/calgary-molberg-roughrider-comment.html]http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatche ... mment.html[/url]

Anyone who would think this would be humourous definitely has some issues.

It's a morning show host making something up on the fly to try to be edgy, and going over the line. He's apologized (profusely).

Humans are going to screw up, and no harm was done here. I see no need to crucify the guy over it.

I agree but still Wow.

Yeah he wins the stupid quote of the day award for sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Radio personalities have been fired for less than this. He needs to be held accountable. Coincidently the last "Engraved on a Nation" episode last week was "The Crash". An episode that told the story of the plan crash that killed 4 CFL All-Stars back in the late 50's.

A completely insensitive comment.

He has been suspended at this time. He screwed up and he admitted it, to dwell on this simply makes it worse.

Hmm, Sportsnet, well Rogers, bought The Score. Maybe this guy was a friend and had similar "Canadian football ideas" sort of speak as that a.....le that once worked at The Score, Gabe Morency, whom The Score fired for what reasons, well I'm not sure but I listened to the guy once and while and was a total embarrasement as a media person. Spoke like a 12 year old and said that the only reason anyone goes to Alouettes games is to try and get laid.

This guy does seem a rung up though on Morency, knows he screwed up and apologized as said, But how can these guys say things on air like this after being educated in journalism, which I assume they all have been? :roll:

.....if it's his first time.

Well, it was extremely offensive, but he has owned up and taken responsibility with no excuses. If every person was fired for mistakes they have made on the job we would all be unemployed.

A short suspension would probably be appropriate, but to deprive the man of a career and to punish his family because he unintentionally made insensitive and offensive comments would be a greater injustice than anything he said was. He's not Rush Limbaugh. Forgive him and move on.

Myself being a die hard Rider fan who lives in Calgary I was not to happy to hear the comment that Molberg made about the plane crash. I have no idea how he thought this was funny but I do know someone in the media here that knows Molberg and he said Molberg feels like s** t today for what he said and that his apology is geniune. He also went on to say that Molberg in real life is actually a really nice guy and not a media jerk that justs tries to stir the pot to get attention. People make mistakes and hope everyone can move on.

Obviously he's not watching Engraved On A Nation.

Stamps lineman Edwin Harrison whose Grandfather died in the crash, has accepted Molbergs apology and forgiven what was a serious lack of judgement.

If Harrison can forgive, I thinks we all can.

The best thing that we can do is not give this any more attention that has already been given to it.

Unbelievable! Absolutely unbelievable. An error in judgment? Okay, but why would anyone....anyone.... hope for something like to happen, even if said without thinking? And who says something without thinking...unless they're dead drunk? If the guy apologized fine. It wouldn't hurt for him to start packing his bags. Personally I don't think he should remain on the stations payroll. I'd forgive the guy but I'd still get rid of him.

I guess this guy forgot about the actual plane crash Trans-Canada Air Lines Flight 810 back in '56

Maybe he should read it over several times. Too bad if some of the loved ones left behind heard this guy's comment.

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-Canada_Air_Lines_Flight_810]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-Cana ... Flight_810[/url]

Birdman and dcmoses, no question, very poor judgement or timing perhaps with the Engraved on a Nation piece we just watched. Oh boy. :roll:

At least he sounds very sincerely bad about this so I'm ok with a suspension.

I listened to the Sports Cage yesterday and heard the apology. Although Rod and the crew were none to happy about the comment they seemed to agree that the apology has been made the statement was stupid and offending but all in all their feeling on the matter seem to be that it was said the public apology on air was made and dwelling on it will only make it worse and the feeling seems to be we are past it and ready to move on to the game on sunday and do not want this to get any more attention taking away from the game.

That just reminds me that Engraved On A Nation was on tonight and I missed it. :twisted: Mooseheads are on the tube tonight and with no more Friday Night Football I now get to enjoy the fact Sportsnet is finally showing CHL games before January.

I watched The Crash last week and was really surprised. I was expecting a show on the crash and the players who died, their careers and such. Was not expecting the doc they made, didn't even know Harrison was related. Really well done piece though, maybe the best so far. Not that the rest have not been good, just thought the approach was different and very well done. So far a really great series of shows.

The guy should be fired... dis them about their ability to play football etc... but to wish them to be killed in a horrible manner is totally inappropriate... he was given the chance to take the comments back because he could get into trouble, but retorted "I don't care"... a lame apology doesn't cut the mustard.... :thdn:

Missed that, when did he say "I don't care"?

The people that were on air with him... one of them is Rhett Warrener... they gave him the chance to retract, which is when he replied "I don't care"...

Please show some kind of quote to back that one up. From the outset, the only thing I have seen is apologies from Molberg. Not that it excuses the comment but we shouldn't attribute things to him that he did not say.