Lowest Number of Yards in a Half- Did we break the record?

The announced total yards for the 'Cats in the first half was 40.

This is the lowest total for a team that I can remember- but greater minds than mine are out there. It sure was spectacular... in a mind numbing sort of way.

By the way,wasn't Edmonton also under 100 for the half?

Sounds like an exciting football game.

I guess I should be thankful that the price increase took me out of the seats and the black out got my butt off the couch.

Didn't Edmonton have -2 yards of offence in the first half of the 1986 Grey Cup?

Yes they did. That when we had a DEFENCE in this city.

Yes and another record was set also . The most amount of passes thrown against Hamilton with out a holding penalty .

It amazes me that Ray could stand in the pocket that many times with that amount of blitzes ( we have to blitz because we get no pressure ) and not even once did they hold !!

i guess that means we should just give up in trying to get pressure because no matter how many people we send the other teams O lines can handle it and thier QBs can stand in their as long as they need to ??? Even the older QBs like Calvillo and Ray !!!