lower bowl singles only

just trying to get tickets in the lower bowl for the Toronto game and it came up singles only, i did it about 4 times so i called ticket master they said there is singles only in lower bowl, are we going to get the biggest crowed of the year to see the argos.?

That is fantastic considering the stupid canucks scheduled a home game at the SAME time!

Maybe their is just a lot of single people in Vancouver :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Didnt you say earlier that they were going to get 18000 or something silly like that? My god man stop

Dam I hate it when they do that. IF Lions lose next week it could be the last home game of the year or this week. They won't tho so i'm not worried, but even so i'm sure there are what 25,000 season ticket holders, so they'll be there. Its a more important game anyways really since we have to win our last 3 pretty much and hope we beat edmonton pretty good to clinch first place. We could really use the home west final again, get 60,000 this year i think if we get 1st after our start.

GO LIONS, i guess i'll be watchin the Lions instead next saturday even tho i'm a slightly bigger Canucks fan this game is more important. Altho I don't want the Canucks to lose either. I bet you the Giants play at the same time too, actually i'm almost positive. Possible Vancouver sports test? Seems to happen at least once in the last 3 seasons FOR SURE possibly longer than that.