Low QB hits in league. Double Standards

I agree Marino needed to be suspended. It was a low hit. And his actions after is classless. My problem is, why did Boyd not get at least a fine on his dirty hit on Robertson. Also last game, the same low hit on Cody and even the command center let it slide. This has to change, The league needs it star QB's, to make it great entertainment for the fans. But as always double standards seem to prevail!!

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Boyd did get fined, get your facts straight.
The tackle on Fajardo was deemed a grab, (allowed) not a hit.


REDBLACKS OL Dino Boyd was fined by the League for roughness on Pete Robertson.


The Toronto hit on Fajardo should've been flagged and, if the league is keeping things consistent, the defensive player should've been tossed for celebrating as Fajardo laid on the ground

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I concur, why the double standard, because it’s the argoes? An eastern based team.

That could also be a reason for fans not being interested, not calling the hits the same for every team, even durant used to not get the calls that other quarterbacks would get, if they want to protect the quarterbacks they need to protect all the quarterbacks, not just a select few.


I agree with you. It's getting brutal to watch out there. Teams are targeting Fajardo's knee then dancing like buffoons with no repercussions from the league. Very sad

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How can you celebrate when a player is laying on the ground and then say that there was no intent to injure on your part?

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Your right T.O. got away with stuff. Commish Randy promised all this year that the ref's work that was very suspect and caused a lot of controversy, would be dealt with.
Really Randy ??

I made an inappropriate comment on this topic yesterday.
It was beneath me, I sincerely apologize. I've lived many years in Regina and other areas in Saskatchewan and enjoyed them all.

Please accept my apologies


I had not seen anything on his fine!! if he got one, good!! As for the hit, that was no grab.. any other QB would of got that called!!

The link here should get you to the CFL article. Fine amounts are never disclosed, we know that. As for the grab, I tend to agree with the leagues decision, but it's a close call, I'll give you that.
(Two players fined after Week 5 action)

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Max fine is half a game cheque, so what’s that amount to. ? $ 750.

The low jit on Fajarfo deemed a grab, yet the almost exactly same grab on Bethel-Thompson is roughing the passer. No consistency at all.

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I heard on the green zone after the game that a player who is already on the ground can tackle a qb below the knees , it’s only a penalty when the player tackles the qb below the knees when he is still in flight or upright for the tackle , not sure if you agree