Off topic, as a GTA resident there is nothing better then to see the mega rich and greedy MLSE adding zero dollars for their coffers.
With the Maple Crappers, Craptors and Rock finishing out of the playoffs. And get this how the greedy MLSE forced the Leaf fans a couple of weeks ago when it was more obvious they would not make the playoffs to BUY two round of playoff tickets at their usual rip off and loan shark rates. Any people that bought definitely need to have their heads examined.
To complete this perfect run, the Crap Jays will not make the playoffs yet again. Resulting in another mega loss money season for Rogers.
Which brings us to the only team that matters and will have a usual Eastern Final and this year a total sellout, ARGOOOOOOOOOOS.

the worst franchise in pro sports are the raptors. The leafs have a curse on them thanks to Harold Ballard, and who watches lacrosse? Baseball is a complete joke.

Yes and MLSE blackmails the Leaf season ticket holders into buying same for the Craptors. There is not much talk about this. If it wasn't for this there is no doubt how the team like Vancouver, would be toast.

Such hate, those crap Jays are our only hope to win another World series for Canada..
They did us proud in the early 90's...show some respect...
The Blue Jay's are the undisputed...Baseball team of Canada..
Leafs n Raptors...who cares, there both done for the season...

I just wonder who the CBC will follow out east now that the leafs are out--the Sens or Canadiens. Here in Sask we got a steady diet of Leafs game shown nationally. The only time that we saw the Sens or Habs is when they played the leafs. Im glad TSN or CBC doesnt do the same thing with the other Toronto franchies, like the Argos. They balance out who they show, and that should happen with HNIC.

everywhere in Canada gets a steady diet of Leafs games every year

Sambo just be glad there are double headers on HNIC now so we see at least one more Canadian team on a Sat. night...years ago there was only one game a week on HNIC and 95% of the time it was the Leafs.

Hank you are certainly entitled to cheer for the Jays, but please do not insult me by stating OUR team. If you have lived in the GTA like I have for all of my life, you would know the way the team and management treated the so called average fans during the early years at the X and then at the Dome. There was no regard for the average fan, by doing the MLSE licencing fee crap etc. Now and since the bloom has fallen off the rose they can’t give away tickets. Plus and more important, there was no regard for our Argos and the CFL when the Dome was new.
I have absolutely no sympathy for the way they conduct their business to include Paul Godfrey, and that is another topic of its own.
Outside of the immediate GTA and in the rest of the country noone cares at all and the sooner they leave Canada the better.
This is NOT Canada’s baseball team as the MLB overpaid athlete couldn’t care less about this country or for a matter of fact, the city. All they are is a bunch of mercaneries.

I guess fans in Manitoba, Alberta or BC dont want to see the sens or habs instead of the leaf every week

I'm not saying it doesn't suck, just that it's nothing new.

Even in Quebec the only way to see the Canadians play is to watch RDS
Like the rest of the country you will only see the Canadians on CBC if they play the Leafs

The Maple Leafs are nothing more then waste and garbage to this touch they are a disgrace as well as Montreal.

i dont like montreal either but htey got a good goalie.my sens will beat them and flames will go back to the finals

And why exactly are Toronto and Montreal a disgrace?

Easy there big fella…alot of people watch lacrosse :wink:

This will get him going!
Sambo, are you aware that hitting a baseball is the most difficult thing there is to do in any professional sport?

Wow! never knew that RO. Always seemed to me that it was easy to hit. Whether it's a foul ball or fair, contact is made quite alot isn't it?

I would have thought a hole in one in Golf
Or a quadruple jump in Figure skating
Or even a 50 yard field goal in indoor football (posts are only nine feet wide)

Look at it this way Geo
You can have a fine career never having hit a hole in one or 50 yard field goal or even a quad in skating. How may baseball players never got a hit?
(aside from pitchers in the AL)
A batter has only 1/10 of a second to decide on whether the pitch is a ball or strike. He then not only has to make contact but he has to hit the ball to an area when it cannot be played.
If you can do this only 3 times out of 10 you are a superstar!

I agree a baseball is very hard to hit

....I don't often talk hockey anymore ....after the Jets FIASCO...but....my take on the Leafs situation is.....They will never have a winner in TO... their..management just looks at the arena ....full to the brim ...and tickets being willed in families ..passed down for generations....so why would they have to do anything with the product on the ice....when the fans are prepared to accept and pay good money forever...for MIEDIOCRITY....year after year....after dreary year....Just my take...good luck in the secured future Leaf fans....it will be along time till you ever see another winner.. :!:...but heh ...the Argos will be in the hunt for a championship... :wink: