Loved the Labour Day Crowd

I've read a lot of whining about the Crowd the other day...I gotta say...that was a fantastic football experience.

That was as loud as I've heard the place in ages...and, as usual, my endzone compadres were on the top of their game.

I, too, had issue with the wave...but, as some one seated just to the south of where it originated...they were firing it up when the D was on the field...and/or in between plays. It just caught on when our guys came out. Ill timed as it maybe...I still enjoyed the atmosphere.

I know the constant headturning for the scraps was annoying for some, but, man, it seemed like there was always something going on. On and off the field. We brought a friend to the game who is, typically an NFL/ Bills fan, and he was blown away by the excitement of the game and the energy of the crowd.

Best crowd moment for me? Booing the hell out of Taffe on that boneheaded 3 and 1 punt. That's our crowd keeping our own accountable. Overall, at least down in the endzone, it was just an awesome experience.

Big props to everyone who represented...and didn't cross the line.

The Bills fan would have loved it cuz that's the way every Bills game is.

I'm sorry, I love Labour Day, I love the late start but it was like being at a Bills game. Too many drunks, too many fights, too much bad language.

I can take drunks, and fights and bad language but I was actually a little embarassed being there with my father with what was going on.

I would have hate to have brought children there because it was discusting.

From what I hear, the end zone was the worst part of the stadium with fights and pepper spray.

We need an afternoon game next year.

When I go to a game, I don't want to worry about getting into a fight and there were a whole bunch on the north side as well.

Best crowd of the season: lots of passion and excitement! Almost like the good old days.

After all the talk about the crummy ticket sales I expected to see Sections 5 and 9 bare. But it turned out to be the best crowd of the season. Never underestimate the power of Labour Day.

Two things...yeah, there were issues in the endzone. Don't judge 3,000 (or whatever) based on a handful of incidents. Most others were loud, yes - rowdy, but into the game. Creating the exciting and hostile atmosphere.

And, kids aren't stupid. There was a kid sitting right behind me...even stretched out for a quick nap. He, nor his parents, seemed offended by anything taking place. Parents are the role models...not some dude wearing a flag as a cape and thundering back beers. So, don't worry.

After that, I'll take a night game any time.

I thought it was great too. Sitting in section 9 I got a good view of the endzone antics (what happened to the guy getting taken out by the paramedics?) and the section 8/7 antics (that section 9 cop was getting a good workout constantly running down the path)
What can I say, me and my dad had a lot of fun, other than the loss. I'd take that crowd any day of the year.

Theres a family zone for a reason, and if/when I have kids, thats where I'd probably be taking them to a game, ESPECIALLY a labour day game ESPECIALLY a night game and I ESPECIALLY would not be taking them to the endzone (though it is the craziest/funnest place in the stadium.. but not for kids)

with the way the team has played for the past 10 seasons, you cant blame fans for starting fights and beion passionate, maybe if the team had the same passion on the field this team would be more successful.

You have to be kidding. Fights are justified because your team is not performing?
Being passionate does not turn you into a moron. Fighting at a game is never justifiable.

Nah...unless you're on the ice, or in a ring, fighting is never justified. Personally, I find it entertaining...but its dumb. And pretty embarrassing for all involved.

....ohhh, and my kids will be sitting right next to me in the Endzone. I want my kid(s) to experience diversity. And the East Side Crazies are a 'race' that should be understood.

Endzone forever!!

I enjoyed the crowd also, best atmosphere since last years blackout game.

I wonder if the guys starting the wave in the endzone were argo fans.

The altercations didn’t bother me but I definitely wouldn’t take a kid to the game. The problem is that you’re stuck in your seat and you can’t just walk away from it. You just sit there and hope security comes quickly and takes the morons away.

99.9% of the fans were on top of their game though.

An Argo-Cat fan